What I Kept from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens up to the public today! (You previously needed a store credit or debit card to shop it.) I wrote a post last week highlighting my top picks and what I bought, but now that my purchases have come in and I’ve (pretty much) decided what to keep, wanted to update you here.

I mentioned this before but the best buys in the sale tend to be basics that usually don’t get marked down other times of the year, or items you fall in love with and absolutely must have–remember that just because things are on sale now doesn’t mean they won’t be again later in the fall (oftentimes at a steeper discount!). Below are the things I snagged and won’t be returning…a few things always end up going back due to fit, quality, or because it doesn’t really make financial sense to keep everything you love! The only things I’m not sure about at this point are a pair of AG jeans. I ordered this pair and this pair but they seem to run a bit large, so am exchanging them for a smaller size (I typically wear a 26 but am trying a 25 here.) They’re a good deal for what I know will last me for literally years, but it’s never fun forking over $150!

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My Two Favorite Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? I actually prefer them to music when I’m commuting, and always enjoy hearing what people are listening to since there are so many shows out there that it can be difficult to discover new ones! This may sound a bit weird, but if I listen to one podcast for too many consecutive days without weaving in another one, I’ll suddenly get super tired of it and won’t come back to it for weeks. I don’t know what it is! Maybe some kind of unexplained redundancy? In any case, I basically like to rotate between two or three different podcasts and usually go back and pull from the archives (older episodes I haven’t heard before) when I’m caught up with the most recent episode. The two podcasts I’m currently most hooked on are How I Built This and Bad On Paper–they are totally different but both so good! HIBT is put on by NPR and has been around awhile so it may sound familiar, but Bad on Paper is relatively new so hopefully you can add it to your weekly rotation, too. Here’s why these two are my current favorite podcasts:

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Are You Team Physical Book or Digital Reader?

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was in Boston for my sorority little’s bridal shower–I got in Friday morning and came back yesterday morning–and I’m getting excited all over again for her upcoming nuptials this September! While it was helpful having most of the day at home on Sunday, I’m still coming into the week with a long to-do list before we head to Bermuda on Friday. I’m ready to hit the ground running and be super productive because my birthday is on Thursday and it’d be great to truly take the evening “off”!

Jumping into today’s post… do you prefer physical books, or are you pro-digital reader (Kindle, iPad, etc.)? J got me a Kindle for my birthday six years ago and prior to that, I’d scoffed at e-readers and made it known that I enjoyed holding a real book in my hands so much that I’d be willing to carry the extra weight and fill up bookshelves at an unreasonable. Since this was back when we were in college and the only time I was really reading for fun was on flights between home and school, he thought a Kindle would be much easier in terms of valuable carry-on space and physical weight. It was the sweetest gift and I was immediately hooked, despite the initial skepticism! While I still love holding a physical book in my hand, the ease and lightness of an e-reader is worth adjusting to if you’re currently hung up on only reading hardcovers or paperbacks. Plus, many public libraries have digital downloads now! That’s how I do most of my reading and I know that if I didn’t have a Kindle, I’d be less motivated to make trips to and from a branch to pick up my physical “holds.”

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