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If you lived in another city, which one would it be?

It’s kind of crazy to think that this May will mark five years of my living in DC post-graduation. J and I actually spent our “semesters abroad” and the summer immediately following in Washington (for those who are curious, we actually started “dating” after we’d unknowingly committed to the trip independently of each other, so just crossed our fingers things worked or else we’d have an awkward semester ahead of us), so including that time, we’ve been in this city for nearly six years. Like any place, it’s changed a lot–for the better, in my opinion! There are countless new restaurants and bars, emerging residential neighborhoods, a growing cultural scene, and so much more…it’s really a great place to live, and I’m so glad we chose to make DC “our city.”

That being said, we’ve obviously had conversations about where we’d live if we didn’t live in DC…we loved it so much after our semester + summer in college that it was practically a no-brainer to move here after graduation. Both of us looked into careers in politics and public affairs (I’ve since strayed significantly!) but are still frequently asked where we’d live if we weren’t in DC…which totally makes sense, since I’m also always curious how people answer that question!

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Apple Banana Bread

You know those go-to dishes you end up making multiple times a month without even realizing they’re part of your regular rotation? That’s how this apple banana bread is for me…I’ve legitimately been making it about every three weeks for the past four for five months. It started because we kept having overripe bananas at the end of the week, so we’d freeze some for smoothies and use the rest for banana bread. The recipe sort of just evolved from there and has turned from a simple banana bread into the yummiest apple banana (and nutmeg and cinnamon!) variety. We’ll frequently make this on a Sunday night and eat it for breakfast through the upcoming week, and I can safely say it’s become my favorite non-dessert baked good recipe!

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What to Buy in L.L. Bean’s Huge Sale

Is it just me, or has this week felt impossibly long? I was in a sort of funk for the first couple of days and feel like that set a crappy tone for the second half. Part of it is probably due to realizing we have a decent amount of travel coming up over the next few weeks–something that’s generally rare for us this early in the year, meaning a lot of weekends are already booked up. However, it’s all fun stuff and I really can’t complain, especially since we’re starting with a weekend trip to The Greenbriar! It’s been on both of our bucket lists for years, so I couldn’t say yes faster when they reached out about a visit. We’re hitting the road tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for lots of updates on Instagram!

Switching gears to today’s post…I was initially planning on posting a recipe for the apple banana bread I’ve been making about twice a month, but am pushing that to Monday to highlight L.L. Bean’s current sale–it’s 25% off all clothing, footwear, and outerwear through Tuesday with code WINTER. I share my Bean favorites pretty frequently, but wanted to round up 10 highlights in case you’re looking to do some shopping this weekend!

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