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Mi Golondrina Top

I know we just did an “around here” post but I have a weird smattering of things to share. First off, I hate that I’m wishing time away but I’m so over summer–it’s just too hot. There are definitely perks of this season but I despise sweating and am one of those people who gets a really bad headache after even just a little time in the direct sun. So while it’s really fun to take advantage of the longer days and the general upbeat vibes that come with the season, I’m really ready not to sweat through my clothes at 8am and comfortably take Millie for a walk in leggings. That said, I’ve been trying to keep plans on the lighter side because I know how easy it is to wear myself out. It’s been so nice taking advantage of my unlimited yoga membership (I actually go to pilates, pilates barre, and a cardio-based class almost exclusively; more to come on this soon!) and being home more in the evenings to cook dinner.

Along those lines, we had a really nice weekend with minimal plans aside from Orangetheory and pilates. Katie and I hung out on Friday night and finally tried out Pupatella, an Arlington staple, before she moves into DC next month. We spent the rest of the night watching The Princess Diaries Two, drinking rosé, multitasking on our laptops, and catching up about everything. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting night, but it was just what we both needed and I sense manyyy more of these in our future when she moves!

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48 Hours in Bermuda

As you probably know by now, J and I spent two days in Bermuda last month and I’m excited to share everything about our trip in one post. This is truly one of the most fun trips we’ve taken and I’d really recommend visiting the island if you ever have the chance!

How to get there

We went to Bermuda Friday-Sunday and used miles on American–only 12.5k each!–to fly direct from DCA to BDA. For the return, we paid out of pocket ($269, so not inexpensive) to fly back because mileage tickets weren’t available on Sunday. There are seasonal direct flights from several US cities down the eastern seaboard; it was just under two hours to get to the island (it’s off the coast of the Carolinas), which is shorter than most people realize and makes for a great long weekend trip. I’ve also seen great flight deals pop up–Diana found a steal from NYC–so that’s a plus considering things are on the pricier side once you arrive.

Note that the forecast often calls for thunderstorms but they’re truly island storms that come and go quickly. It only rained twice while we were there but the apps kept telling us it was going to pour for most of the weekend!

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Around Here XII

Somehow we’re on the backside of summer (I’m not complaining; it’s actually my least favorite season because I hate the heat, but still do enjoy many of the upsides of this time of year!) and aside from my little’s wedding in about a month, we’re staying put for a couple months and I’m really happy about it. J and I have both been trying to cook healthier meals at home but also have fun experimenting–we’re grilling more and choosing dishes out of recipe books we already own–and while I’ve always enjoyed cooking, it’s easy to get into a repetitive rut and it’s nice looking forward to discovering new recipes on a regular basis. This week, we’re doing two things from Jessica’s newest cookbook: an adaptation of a summer pizza with corn and kale (we didn’t make our crust from scratch!), and a “green goddess” chicken salad for weekday lunches. August in DC is definitely on the sleepier side and seemingly everyone is on vacation–which makes me want to get out of town, since we were on the Cape this time last year!–but here’s hoping to a slower few weeks as we get into the best.time.of.year!

Here’s a little bit about what’s been going on around here (plus, details on this dress that you need to get you through the rest of the season):

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