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Some Personal Goals

We got back from California last night, which marked the end of a travel-filled spring (upstate NY, The Greenbrier, a weekend ski trip, Amsterdam, NYC, Boston + Maine, and a wedding in Dallas) and since the only other trips we have planned are in June–our college reunion at the beginning of the month, and one of my oldest friend’s weddings at the end of the month–I’m hoping to feel more settled at home and able to tackle a few goals/projects/to-dos that have been lingering (and sometimes, nagging) in the back of my mind. A couple are wellness-related, a couple are business related, and one is financial/travel-related…a nice mix of things to keep busy, I suppose :)

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Navy Navy Navy

TGIF! Depending on when you’re reading this, we’ll be on our way to California! This trip has been a long time in the making–I have a lot of family in the Bay Area, and haven’t visited since probably mid-high school–and while it’ll be a really short trip, it’s sure to be a fun, activity-packed one. I’ll share a recap next week because we’ll be hitting up a lot of locally recommended food + drink spots, i.e. my favorite way to explore a city!

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My Best Amazon Purchases

I think it’s safe to say that whether or not we’re proud of it, many of us likely rely on Amazon…a lot. While I personally have yet to really dip my toes into their fashion offerings (I’ve ordered a pair of flats in the past but ended up returning them), consider me an expert in household goods, beauty/drugstore-related items, and random stuff I didn’t know I needed.

To me, hearing about people’s best Amazon purchases reads sort of like nosing around in their purse or grocery carts–which is admittedly pretty fun. Here are 12 random things that have served me very well, mostly in the past year or so, thanks to the beauty that is Amazon Prime. I’d buy them again in a heartbeat!


An item I never even knew we needed! Consider how many times I’d overcooked chicken in the preceding years, I shouldn’t even have questoined J when he wanted to buy this. We now use it every time we cook meat and haven’t overcooked a batch since! It’s pricier than some other ones on the market but reads much quicker and is easy to store without risk of damage.


These are the best hair ties ever. While they aren’t the cutest or most comfortable on your wrist, they don’t crease your hair at all. I’d gladly pay a couple more bucks for something that works this well, and I wear them exclusively other than when I work out. A lot of people do wear them while exercising but I like a tighter pony when I’m active! They were popular stocking stuffers last holiday season, and for good reason. They’d make a nice pick-me-up for a friend, too!

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