A Dreamy Vacation Home

J and I frequently daydream about where we’d want our “second home” to be–the cushy vacation house in a place we deeply love but couldn’t live full-time. While we’re years and years away from such a home becoming a reality, it’s fun to think about where we’d end up and of course, how we’d decorate the place!

One of my favorite parts about second homes (or “summer”/”winter” homes) is that they allow so much room for creativity in the way of design and interior decorating. While some people go truly custom and build from the ground up, I’m even just excited about the thought of piecing together an interior featuring some of my favorite decorative elements that aren’t functional or feasible enough for our daily lives. My style is a nearly 50-50 blend of traditional dark hues and patterns combined with bright, uncluttered slate. That being said, I fell hard for Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy’s Colorado escape that’s featured in Architectural Digest…it’s hard not to appreciate the contrast between traditional and modern, new and old, and elaborate vs. simply functional. And topped off with those views…it’s hard to beat!

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Meet Millie

Meet little Millie! She’s a toy Cockapoo and we’ve had her for just over a month. She’s currently 13.5 weeks old and weighs six pounds! After years of [unrealistically] begging J for a pup, it still feels surreal that we’re dog parents!

The question we probably get asked the most in regards to her breed is why we chose a Cockapoo. In short, J and I both thought we were allergic to dogs and therefore were looking for a hypoallergnic breed. I ended up getting allergy tested a few weeks ago for a different reason, and turns out I’m just really allergic to trees and not dogs–which explains a lot, because I have really bad symptoms around some dogs and zero around others.

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Summer Thoughts + Style

Is it just me, or is this the point in the summer where it feels like the next two months are going to fly by in the blink of an eye? This is something I experience like clockwork around this time every year (and a lot of times in the late fall, right before the holidays, too) but it’s this feeling that sets in when I look at my calendar and can basically see plans heavily scattered throughout the next two months. We’re in town this weekend, heading back to Dallas for one of my childhood friends’ weddings the following, a bff is visiting me the weekend after, and then it’s the Fourth…and then 10 days later I’m going to Boston, followed by our quick Bermuda trip. And that gets us to the last weekend in July! I’m not one to wish time away so am going to try really hard to be present and enjoy the summer, miserably hot as it may be. We were also looking back at “old” photos of Millie and it’s crazy how much she’s grown in just a month. I can only imagine how parents of actual children must feel when they see a little one grow up seemingly overnight! Those are just some of my summer thoughts.

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