Off-Season Shopping: Yay or Nay?

A couple of years ago, I published this post and talked about my support/argument in favor of off-season shopping. I think back to that post frequently, especially when we’re transitioning between two seasons and great sales are popping up left and right. I think it’s part of why I don’t really post outfits this time of year…many bloggers, myself included, assume that our audiences are only interested in spring and may not feel inspired by or interested in winter clothing when there are new arrivals and the promise of warmer times on the horizon!

I’m realizing, though, that maybe that’s not the case? I almost wish I’d done more outfit shoots with what I’ve been wearing to work lately…there have been a lot of good (albeit boring, after awhile) combinations consisting of a basic sweater or top, black work pants (these and an older version of these are my favorites), along with these flats (in one of three colors, because I’m obsessed with them) or the older version of these heels, which I wish I’d bought in three colors. Granted, these shoots would have been logistically impossible because we’ve been out of town over every weekend for about two months–and the one weekend we were here, it rained the entire time–but it’s giving me something to think about when it comes to this time next year. The awkward gap between summer and fall poses similar issues except my disdain for temperatures over 80 + humidity, plus excitement for my favorite season (!!!) means I’m more excited for sweaters and leggings (still, probably wouldn’t shop for them ahead of time, except when it comes to snagging a great deal on last seasons styles!)

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10 Things Under $50

We’re heading to Dallas this weekend and temperatures are supposed to get into the 80s on Friday, which means my go-to white shorts are coming with me. That feels especially weird because we’re still very much in the midst of winter coat season here in DC, but I’ll take advantage of some vitamin D and start thinking about warmer weather finds! While I’m still trying not to buy much, it’s still fun to window shop. And I know a lot of you are looking to fill gaps in your spring + summer wardrobes, so hopefully this helps a little bit! There’s nothing better than finding something under $50 that you’ll hopefully keep for seasons to come :)

Old Navy tote: I had a similar ON tote a few years ago and was really surprised with the quality given the price. It looked more expensive than it was, and this season’s version looks really similar (better, actually, haha). While I alternate between this, this, and this, I’d definitely buy another ON tote if I were in the market and wanted something nice without spending much. They’re currently doing 34.1% off your purchase for Pi Day but the discount only appears once you add items to your cart!

J.Crew Factory earrings: A good statement earring goes a long way, and I love both the simplicity and price on this pair! They’d be easily dressed up for a wedding or down for a casual dinner. Tortoise never, ever gets old!

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NYC Snapshots Vol. II

Can anyone else use a weekend from their weekend? I took the train up to NYC on Thursday night and got back yesterday evening and while it wasn’t an exhausting few days plan-wise, I always feel a little out of sorts on Monday morning if I get home later in the day on Sunday.

I didn’t take my camera up this weekend and only snapped a handful of photos…the main takeaway is that the iPhone 6 camera really just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve been stealing J’s phone for most iPhone photos when we’re together but since he wasn’t with me this weekend, settled for what at this point feels like the crappiest phone camera. Definitely being dramatic over here, but it’s insane how good the camera is on the newer models…I typically replace my phones every two years but am trying to hold out a little longer this time around. It’s proving to be more difficult than expected–anyone else in this boat?

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