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My Top 10 Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Has this week felt really long for anyone else? There’s no particular reason why on my end except for a couple of minor but unfortunate bumps on Sunday evening (including starting to make a large batch of egg salad and adding mayo, only to find out it expired months ago and having to toss the whole thing, and having a cut on my finger that got blood on our brand new couch) seem to have made things crawl along a bit. I’ve also had zero post-work plans aside from Orangetheory and pilates, which is a good thing since I’ll be out of town the next two weekends and this is a busy time for my freelance work with Sweet & Spark. I was planning on getting a post up yesterday with my favorite podcasts, but had really strong writers block come on and just decided to table it till next week and cut myself some slack.

On another note, can we talk about how good sports have been this summer?! With both the World Cup and Wimbledon happening on the heels of a Caps victory, it’s a good time of year depending on where your loyalties lie, I’m a big England fan (my best friend from home’s dad is British and he got me on board really early) so am really bummed about yesterday’s loss but simultaneously can’t wait for what’s hopefully a great final (alongside a Wimbledon final!) on Sunday.

Onto today’s news…

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale–where a ton of new fall items get temporarily marked down until August 5–kicks off today if you’re a cardholder. This is the only store credit card I’ll likely ever have…I only use it to get early sale access because many items actually sell out before the sale opens up to the public on the 20th. It’s hard to know whether or not things will get restocked (I remember a couple years ago, before I had the card, there was this Barbour jacket that they promised would get restocked after the pre-sale and it just never did and I was so sad) so if you’re able to shop now, order anything you have your eye on and take advantage of Nordstrom’s free shipping + free returns.

I like to stock up on basics that don’t often get marked down (you’ll see them below) and try not to get carried away because a lot of pieces actually end up going on a deeper sale by mid-fall. It’s obviously a gamble whether or not items will still be available, but I personally use the sale to refresh my closet essentials and pick up one or two more novel items that I love and would be sad to see out of stock later in the season. You can view the sale whether or not you have a Nordstrom card and if you aren’t a cardholder, can come back and make your purchases next Friday. This sale gets blasted all over the blogosphere so in an effort to avoid inundating you guys, my plan right now is to update this post when I’m back from work tonight so there’s a widget with other great picks at the bottom, and I’ll get another post up next Friday once I’ve had more time to comb through things. In the meantime, my 10 top picks (many of which I own myself!) are below!

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My Summer Essentials

I’ve been wanting to share this post of summer essentials for awhile and had finally planned to get it up two Fridays ago, until Millie’s stomach bug derailed things. It feels like we’re about halfway through summer but depending on where you live, you’re like us and have more than two more months of warm temperatures ahead. You probably know by now that I aim to invest in high-quality classics that will last year after year (and in many cases, will be seasonless) even if it means paying more upfront. The closets in our place are also quite small and we lack significant storage, which is also always a good reminder to buy fewer, better things.

P.S. Meg wrote a wonderful post on how she built and maintained a classic wardrobe  (I shared it on Friday, but it’s worth mentioning in conjunction with this!) and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking to invest in a few great pieces and avoid clutter/overly doing trends.

Here are my 10 most worn summer items aka summer essentials–two of them are new to the rotation this year but will definitely see equal usage as time goes on!

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Friday Things

This week has me completely disoriented–Tuesday felt like Friday, Wednesday felt like Saturday, and the Thursday morning alarm felt like Monday. I woke up today convinced it was Saturday morning so…happy weekend? We had a nice Fourth and got drinks + burgers with our neighbors turned friends and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching the fireworks on TV and opening our slider so we could hear them at the same time! Luckily Millie wasn’t phased at all and was just mainly a little confused.

Speaking of little Millie, she contracted some kind of stomach thing late last week, which was so sad. We think she picked something up outside and it really upset her system…we ended up taking her to the vet the second day and they gave her some meds + special food to calm things down. My bff from home was also visiting (we had so much fun and this is one of those times I’m extra sad not to live close to some of my oldest friends + fam) but we all tag teamed the situation and Mildred’s doing totally fine now. It’s so sad to see a little pup feel so terrible, especially for the first time when she has no idea what’s going on! Glad we’re back to normal now :)

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