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Friday Things

Hello from 35,000 feet! We are finally on our way to Dallas after quite the travel fiasco. We woke up this morning (Thursday morning; I’m writing this on the plane and prescheduling it!) at 4:45am to an email that our 6:55am flight, direct from DCA to DAL, had been canceled. They’d sent the email at 11:40pm but obviously we were asleep by then. I called Southwest immediately and they said bad weather was to blame (though both DC and Dallas were literally just partly cloudy, sooo…) and all but one flight from DCA was full. They put us on a 3:45pm flight through St. Louis and as the day went on, we watched our DC to STL flight get delayed and delayed to the point where it was clear we’d miss our Dallas connection.

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My New Summer Sandals

Despite my ill feelings towards summer–it’s my least favorite season, despite being home to my birthday, dining al fresco, and some of the best clothes–I will say that for the sake of blogging, it’s much easier to schedule photoshoots at reasonable times. Any blogger who works a traditional day job will tell you that short days means a real struggle to squeeze in photos, and while soft, overcast skies are my lighting of choice, it’s nice being able to take advantage of a 6:15am shoot without freezing our butts off. We actually took these early Monday morning to dodge the crowds + afternoon heat–a little blogging BTS for ya!

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The Top 5 Best Burgers in Washington, DC

This post is pretty overdue because most of my friends know how much of a burger connoisseur I’ve become over the past few years. I probably eat one almost weekly and generally can’t resist ordering one if they’re at all unique or if the establishment is acclaimed for theirs. I’ve done a little roundup of my top five best burgers in DC on Insta Stories before, but it’s about high time I put it into writing–that is, of course, till I try a new place that earns a spot! (I’m looking at you, Bourbon.)

1. Le Diplomate | Burger Américan

Hands down the best burger I’ve ever had…ever! (It’s unsurprisingly on my list of best dishes in the city.) Many DC residents will surely agree with me on this. There are two thin beef patties, a delicious sauce that’s better than any other “special sauce,” and the yummiest bun–I’ve actually had multiple conversations with people about just what makes the Le Dip burger so memorable, and the closest conclusion we’ve come to is the ideal ratio of ingredients. The proportions are perfect and as is the case with everything at the restaurant, all the ingredients are so fresh and good on their own, that it’s no surprise that they make up the dreamiest Burger Américan. The fries are also out of this world–and that solidifies the No. 1 spot.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can try making your own at home but if not, be warned that once you start ordering this (at a restaurant where literally everything on the menu is fantastic, at that), you probably won’t choose anything else :)

P.S. Every time I’ve asked a server what they recommend, they’ve always said the burger. Pretty interesting for a French restaurant!

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