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Friday Things


Phew, what a week! This weekend is going to be a busy one with some work I need to get done, but I’m excited to finally be trying out Rosa Mexicano tonight and finally finishing up House of Cards. What do you have planned? The sun has been shining a few days this week, plus it snowed the kind of pretty snow that makes you feel like you’re in a snow globe, so I’d say a win-win all around. Some extra good links this week… hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend : )

Of note…

– If you had any doubts about ordering the larger pizza (but really, why would you) – this might convince you.

– A Twitter account that never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

– Probably my favorite link of the week…a little girl who makes paper dresses (and they’re good) every day. And then her mom Instagrams them. She’s becoming a sensation and you won’t be surprised why!

– A great little post on Indian weddings…some true, some not so true!

– We all know how much I love Inslee’s work, and these pretty shoes are no exception. I know they’re sketches for her dream wedding shoe, but I would l.o.v.e. one of those prints on my wall! Update: you can too, they’re here!

– Answering a question that most of us in DC are probably wondering…

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  1. bclaire wrote:

    Oh my gosh, the paper dress girl. SO CUTE AND AMAZING! And I lol’d at the DC Metro stop thing. Great links!

    Published 3.6.14