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A Vintage Living Space


You probably already know this by now, but I’m a sucker for vintage decor. I’d describe my decorating style as a mix between vintage/dark wood/classic/traditional elements + nautical with whites/blues/light wood. It’s an interesting combination, but it works — and makes for a pretty unique room decor situation. One thing that I’m really looking forward to about having my own home is being able to invest in a few high end vintage pieces. I love when an antique-looking piece is actually an antique, rather than a modern replica. Personally, I love going to antique stores and flea markets to find hidden gems amongst lots of junk. But in this day and age, online shopping is the preference for many, and there are a handful of sites that allow you to vintage shop online.

Enter: Chairish. An online marketplace where people from across the country can buy and sell gently used + vintage decorative pieces and furniture. Much to my surprise, many starting prices are pretty reasonable (you can bid on items, too) and considering how much I love going to vintage stores, I surprisingly didn’t mind browsing online. When Chairish reached out to me to design a dream room around one of their statement chairs, I knew there would be no shortage of furniture, lighting, and decorative objects to adorn my dream space. I sort of went for the over the top, very traditional/classic route with some whimsical details…it’s really fun to pick out things for a space, even when you know it’s just for fun. While a few of the things I’ve featured here are quite pricey (ahem, the rug and sconces), some are more budget-friendly (e.g. the bookends and pineapple). If you’re a vintage lover, check out the site… it’s so easy to get inspired!

Accent Table
Key Rack

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  1. That white and gold table is much too beautiful for words… and as always, you have stunning picks! x

    Published 8.7.14
    • Aww, thanks love! And agreed with you on that side table… I think it would look great in any home!

      Published 8.8.14