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Around the World: Planters Inn — Charleston, SC

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As much as I love larger, chain hotels, I have a soft spot for quaint, smaller properties. I’ve frequently stayed in the bigger,  more commercial properties (my family is a huge Starwood fan) and have had incredible experiences, but I’m really eager to explore more boutique hotels.

I knew I had to share the Planters Inn in Charleston, SC because a) I mean…look at it and b) I’m dying to take a trip to this charming Southern town. And when I do, you bet I’ll be paying a visit to the Planters Inn! A restored 1844 building, I’d imagine it fits right in with the city’s Historic District and is a fine choice for the ultimate luxurious take on Southern hospitality. Unique details are key in setting these smaller hotels apart, and I’m a huge fan of the subtle pattern mixing, carved wood bed posts, and manicured foliage/topiaries. This hotel definitely does quaint and homey without going overboard, and I really love that. Also, count me doubly in if the adorable teddy bears are included.

What are some details that you value most when planning a stay? I definitely think proximity to where you plan to spend the most time on your trip, at least one good dining option, and small details that truly make you feel like you’re on a getaway are key!

Images via Planters Inn website

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  1. Judi Bixler wrote:

    Stayed there in July–absolutely loved it ! Hope you enjoy

    Published 8.13.14