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Happy Weekend! It’s hard to believe that November is right around the corner…where has time gone? I will say, I’m glad temps have dropped and it’s finally really sweater and boot weather, even if that entailed lots of rain this week. After having so many weekends over the past few months not feel like real weekends, I’ve been trying not to tone down plans and commitments. It’s hard because I’m really bad at saying no, but it’s something I’m working towards. Barre, meeting up with a couple of friends, and date night sound like the perfect balance, so that’s what’s on the agenda. Anything fun planned on your end? Pumpkin or apple picking? Wine tastings? Have a great one, friends :)

Of note…

– ICYMI: Everything (I think) you need to know about Bean Boots. I love ’em more than I care to admit, and think you will too!

– A fascinating, photo-heavy read on how women’s workwear has changed through the decades.

– My current favorite workout leggings.

– Guys. One of my top three favorite YouTube videos of all time (bold statement, I know) came out with a new video!! It’s adorable and will put a smile on your face. There are definitely people out there as obsessed as I am…

– Travel plans? You can still look pulled together after a 10 hour flight (bookmarking!!)

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