2015 Golden Globes Fashion


Keeping it short and sweet today as I got back from Chicago last night with a horrible sinus headache and was pretty much incapacitated until crawling into bed before 9pm. I did force myself to stay up for the Golden Globes arrivals and monologue, which was good because the fashion was on point and it would be wrong to miss Amy & Tina perform anything live.

There were so many good outfit choices, but my top six (in no particular order, top left to bottom) were Emily Blunt, Helen Mirren,Julia Goldani Telles, Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, and Frances O’Connor. I realize they’re definitely some of the more simple pieces on the red carpet, but those tend to be my favorite. I love most things Kate Beckinsale wears, Helen Mirren’s dress is the perfect kind of flattering (and props to her ‘Je Suis Charlie’ pen pinned to the top), Reese looks Old Hollywood classic, and the cuts/shapes of Emily Blunt’s, Frances O’Connor’s, and Julia Goldani Telles’ dresses are both classic and different at the same time.

What were your favs last night? I’m not much of a jumpsuit person, but if anyone can pull one off and look amazing, it’s Emma.

Images via E! Online

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