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Happy Friday, friends! I’d like to say that I hope you all are staying warm, but chances are most of you are freezing your butts off. This week has been a taste of the tundra! I don’t mind the cold that much, but it definitely puts you in a hibernate/cuddle/drink hot chocolate – clearly my current craving, as evidenced by the photo above/stay inside kind of mood. I’m actually doing sort of the opposite this weekend and am headed to Chicago! It will be so nice to catch up with a couple of good friends and I can’t wait to (somewhat) explore a city that I haven’t visited in years. And the good news is that it’s supposed to be “warm” there! Hah. It’ll be a short trip, but a great one I’m sure. Whatever your plans are, I hope they entail staying indoors (unless you’re skiing or sledding, etc.) and you stay safe! The roads are slipppppery. Have a great one :)

Of note…

– If you haven’t yet heard, C. Wonder is shuttering its doors :( You can read all about it here, but in the meantime, the whole site is 50% off. Not only is this an awesome deal, but it’s the last time you’ll be able to shop for signature pieces like this jewelry box, cheese board, wine stopper, gorgeous napkins, plates for the traveler, stationery (my favorite!). Things are selling out really fast and the site will be gone any day now, so shop soon!

– DC friends! This is great news. If you haven’t been to Surfside, you’re missing out. But instead of venturing to Glover Park, you can now get your fix in Dupont! Though few things beat the Glover’s patio in the summer.

– My love for Nordstrom is no secret… a little insight into how they’ve become such a powerful retailer.

– I started drinking warm lemon water every morning in mid-2014 but have fallen out of the habit over the past couple of months. It really has its benefits…

This may have been my favorite news all week… two of my fav brands are collaborating!! Lilly x Target on April 19 – mark your calendars! Doesn’t it look amazing?!

– Sweater weather is the best, but caring for those cozy knits can be a challenge. I’m bookmarking Supal’s tips to help.

This is a brilliantly made video on a sensitive, important topic affecting women all over the world. Anyone else almost cry? It’s also adorable!

Vogue’s 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham is gold! Maybe my favorite one yet.

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