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I’m Loving: Rubber Stamps


Stamps are a funny thing. I obsessed over them for a good part of my childhood (I had a really solid one that spelled “Monica” in scripty writing) but haven’t thought twice about them in recent years. It kind of feels like one of those things that you briefly love, then forget about, then rediscover and have use for again as you get older and develop the desire to invest in personalized little luxuries. Anyone get what I mean? Then last week, all of a sudden, Kelly had this post and a friend of mine sent mail with her own personalized return address stamp… it was like a flashback in the best way! I feel a little too transient in my apartment living to order myself a return address stamp right now, but it’s something I’d love to indulge in when I’m in a more permanent place.

Really though… whether or not you take the return address route, what about a little signature/sign off stamp or just a basic, cute design to put on the back of an envelope? Britt Lauren (thanks for the introduction, Kelly!) has some of the most beautiful patterns that I would love to put on my snail mail. They’d also make a great gift –housewarming, anyone?– and are modestly priced as far as customized goods go.

Has anyone else had a “stamp realization” or a “stamp moment” recently? They’re such an unexpected and classic way to take your correspondence to the next level :)

All images (except the heart) via Britt Lauren’s Etsy Shop 

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  1. Erica wrote:

    This is so timely as I just posted about return address stamps on Monday and ordered one for myself! I’ve been writing a lot of notes lately and decided to invest in a fun stamp to lessen the hand cramping. :) I have some dog lover friends that a few of your options would be perfect for!

    Published 3.11.15
    • Monica wrote:

      Oh! How funny. The hand cramping is definitely a valid reason for indulging … I didn’t even think of that! Maybe stamps instead of address labels? Haha

      Published 3.11.15