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Friday Things


Happy Friday, guys! What’s the plan for this weekend? A trip to Ikea (!!!) and movie night are happening, along with catching up with a few friends who I haven’t seen in awhile since we’ve all had conflicting schedules over the past few weeks. This week’s thumbs up/down:

Thumbs up: This week epitomized “less is more”– a second consecutive week of minimal post-work plans was really nice. I do love being busy, but my new roommate is moving in early next week so having some time to get some things done around the apartment was helpful. Also, major highlight: I was so excited/honored/flattered/etc. to be on this list of 13 blogs by the sweet ladies at The Gloss.

Thumbs down: Trivial, but I lost my umbrella! It happens, I know, but I was bummed. On the plus side, I didn’t actually get rained on…

Of note…

J.Crew’s new arrivals are awesome, guys. After having some serious doubts about their direction over the past few months, I’m feeling a little better about what’s to come. I love this top and these shoes. Let’s hope the quality holds up and if it does, we may have some old J.Crew on our hands!!

– Have you tried Nourish Snacks? Here’s why I love ’em… don’t forget to take 10% off your order with code CAKE10 until the end of August! Go for the sampler pack if you’re unsure about where to start :)

– This has to be a dream…A Chipotle-like concept with french fries?!?!

Merritt has been in London and her update post has me itching to take a trip across the pond. What is it about cities outside of your own that feel like they’re infinitely more visually appealing? DC is a beautiful place, but my…I could sneak to London for a bit, camera in hand!

– Savor the rest of summer with some watermelon & lime popsicles from Katie…and maybe add some booze :)

– Loving this beautiful, elegant look from Blair.

– ICYMI: Chic white decor, a hotel I’d love to visit, a must-have calendar, and some words on my mini-health kick.

Image via with text added by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

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  1. katie wrote:

    WOOO! We need to add booze to those pops ASAP :] Can’t wait to try Nourish. Have a fab weekend!

    Published 8.21.15
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes ma’am! :)

      Published 8.25.15