Friday Things

Fall Foliage

EATING: I made this tortellini spinach soup and it’s sooo good. Easy weeknight meal with tons of leftovers! It tasted great with plain crackers broken up into it, too.

WEARING: As expected, I’ve been wearing these jeans on repeat (as in, I don’t wear my other two pairs of jeans unless it’s out of desperation…they’re also not as high-waisted as they appear) and like seemingly everyone, am all about the blanket scarf. Love this one, this one, and this one!

BEAN BOOTS: The Bean Boot shopping window is nearly closed (pairs are backordered like crazy until early 2016) but if you’re still looking for a some, it’s worth a shot! Here’s how to know which pair is best for you.

HALLOWEENING: This girl’s reusing a college costume and being the Cookie Monster for a bar crawl (yikes, wish me luck) on Saturday. Got this shirt in a XL, pulled it around my top half like a strapless dress, and tied the sleeves in knot in the back. Topped it off with this adorable bow and baked cookies, the latter which will not be happening this time around!

Seriously, how is it the end of October? Any fun plans for the weekend? Exciting or creative costumes? Stay safe and have fun, y’all!


– Coconut oil is a super-product–remember this post?– and I love Hitha’s categorization of it as an “ultimate travel essential.” She’s right!

A beautiful, preppy, navy + white wedding on the Georgetown Waterfront.

Sydney’s tips on how to make the most of your vacation days…you’d be surprised how you can squeeze in hours here and there!

– How pretty is Julia’s SF living room?

– I can’t wait to make this tofu bahn mi recipe, thanks to a new-to-me eating service via Julia.

ICYMI: Apple picking (in my fav flannel), six pairs of riding boots under $200, pretty close to my dream home (and where to get décor lookalikes), and five things I’ve learned from blogging.

Photo + text added by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

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