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Fisherman Sweater + Leggings

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater

If your weather was anything DC’s this weekend, you’re bundled up in your warmest (yay for down coats and boots finally getting some love!) and think the idea of an oversized fisherman sweater sounds pretty damn nice. Paired with a massive coat, though, because did it snow where you are yesterday? We had a damp snowfall for a few hours and it was wonderful. While these booties are the perfect thing to dress up leggings + an oversized sweater, I’d be trading them out for Bean Boots on day like this!

Barbour Bedale

After years of exercising a lot of patience, I finally splurged on a Barbour jacket in November. It was 25% off (which happens once in awhile…I’ll try to let you guys know when!) and I knew it would have a place in my wardrobe for decades to come. I wore it pretty much non-stop for three weeks in December but have currently traded it in for something warmer.

This sweater, though…it’s easily one of the coziest things I own! I sized up and got a large so I can wear it with both leggings and jeans. It’s sturdy, incredibly well-made (it’s L.L. Bean, so duh), and is actually pretty stylish. Oh, and L.L. Bean is currently offering 10% off your purchase, so this is the perfect time to buy. It’s on the pricier side, but trust me when I say it’s worth the extra bucks. If you or someone you know has the major winter blues, this may help ease the pain a little :)

Barbour Bedale

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater
(get 10% off your purchase till Wednesday 1/20 with code SNOW10; size up…I’m wearing a large)
Ann Taylor Leggings (updated version here, but these are the dressier version/my favorite work pants and are only $30 today!)
BP. Booties
Barbour ‘Bedale’ Jacket
(unisex…I have a sizer 34 but have broad shoulders. The ‘Beadnell’ is a more feminine cut)
Pearl Earrings (similar)
Maybelline Color Blur Lipstick


Barbour + Fisherman Sweater

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater

Photos by Katie Urban

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