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Essentials I Packed for Europe

Travel Essentials
It’s also been almost two weeks since we returned from our trip to Switzerland and Lake Como, which is crazy. I have yet to go through all our photos (detailed post coming soon!) but wanted to follow up on this post and go over what I used frequently and didn’t use at all. Traveling to many parts of Europe in early November can be tricky since it’s mostly cold and damp but not necessarily snowing. You may also recall that we only took carry-ons, so space was definitely valuable–especially when we’re talking winter clothes! I’ll leave off the true basics (toiletries, undergarments, PJs) since we can assume they were “essential,” and stick with everything else.


Travel wallet
Truffle pouches (c/o): I took this one and this set. The first pouch fit in my backpack and held the card case, lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, bandaids, and ibuprofen. I also swapped things out for our long flight and had the pouch next to me on the plane (for easy access to a toothbrush, eyedrops, etc.). The latter set held receipts from the entire trip, and I ended up using the card case daily (tucking it into the larger pouch). The card case has also been super handy for smaller purses since I’ve been back. Considered me obsessed! I didn’t know how I’d feel about a clear pouch but it’s so much easier to find things, and they’re TSA-friendly. Currently offering free shipping! (the 25% off sale is sadly over)
Longchamp backpack: Best.travel.backpack.ever.
Down coat
Everlane scarf: I wore this scarf every day–it was the perfect size and also doubled as a roomy wrap on the airplane.
Sneakers: These were amazing! Highly recommend for a trip to Europe…they’ll a good “blend in” sneaker for Europe style-wise and are really comfy. Bonus: they’re unisex…we both had a pair! (I got white, J, had navy).
2 pairs of jeans: Having two pairs was really helpful, since I wore jeans every day.
Vera Bradley bag in black (c/o): Highly recommend taking a versatile crossbody on international trips…it’s nice being able to take something a little prettier out to dinner!
Quilted vest (c/o): Perfect for layering…I wore it over a striped shirt and added my down coat for extra warmth. I have it in green, which is actually on sale right now! Size down.
Navy sweater + black sweater: I wore my sweaters the most and layered basic tees under them. Highly recommend taking two if you’re traveling somewhere cold for a week.
2 long sleeve shirts
2 tees to wear under sweaters
Black riding boots: Comfortable and stylish, and what you need when sneakers are too casual or it’s really windy out.
Kindle: For long plane + train rides, and before bed.

Truffle Pouches



Barbour: It was nice not having to wear my down jacket daily, especially on the days when it was a little milder. I’d have been fine without it, but having it was helpful.
Laptop: Definitely could have done without it, but it was so nice being able to check in/get a few things done on quiet nights at the AirBnB.

Truffle Pouches


Sunnies: It seems silly to put them in this category, but I didn’t wear them once. There’s really no sun there this time of year!
Black pants: I wore them once and could easily have worn jeans, since I’d brought dark wash. They’d have been more justified if we went to a nicer restaurant, but given that it was off-season and things were pretty empty, I could have gotten away with jeans and a nice sweater.
“Nice” black shirt: See above. Especially since we often didn’t come back to the hotel/apartment before heading to dinner.
Winter hat: Didn’t wear it once! I could have, but didn’t personally think it was cold enough to warrant hat hair.
Black ballet flats: Wore them once but could easily have worn riding boots.
Pajama leggings: So cozy, but didn’t need them since I tend to get warm before cold.


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  1. caroline wrote:

    I love a good travel pouch- I have one that hops from purse to purse with my essentials.
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    Published 11.30.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Yeah, I love how versatile they are! And being transparent so you can see your stuff isn’t a bad thing either!

      Published 12.4.16
  2. This is so helpful! I’m going to Barcelona on Friday, where it will likely be a bit warmer, but I’m a serial overpacker (currently debating if I want to check a bag or not) so I’ll definitely be referencing this post as I pack :) I NEED those pouches as well, they are so cute!

    Published 11.30.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Hope your trip is great so far!!!

      Published 12.4.16