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NYC: January 2017


Another NYC trip in the books! I took the train up right after work last Thursday and got back to DC Sunday afternoon. I got to see a bunch of college friends + a couple blogger friends, and finally made it to Inslee + Roxy’s studio. It was productive and fun and was just really nice…walking around solo for most of Friday between appointments was refreshing. I expected to have my camera out a lot but ended up leaving it (along with my phone), in my bag while clocking 12 miles–hence why most of these are iPhone pictures!

Sharing lots of photos and what I did are below, followed by a summary/more detailed rundown of the dining establishments (there were a lot this time around!). This is sort of a new format but I figure it could be a good way to start compiling restaurant recommendations/mini reviews in travel posts.

Irving Farm Coffee

An early start on Friday…Jackie and I finally met in person after being “internet friends” for at least two years. How funny is it when you meet someone IRL and they’re exactly like you expected, in the best possible way?


Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue

I walked down the UES to the Kate Spade store on Madison, browsed for a few, and then jumped on the subway to meet a college friend downtown for coffee.



Next was lunch at by CHLOE…let’s just say I’m glad I went solo because at 1:15, the place was packed and barely had any open seats. The vegan guacamole burger + fries (complete with beet ketchup) were actually pretty good!

Society Social

Post-lunch I headed to Roxy’s studio–it’s as good as it looks in photos! We chatted fabrics, decor, and small biz…all good things! Oscar was also there and I’m happy to report that we are now bffs. New furniture to come in the next couple of months and I can’t wait! After Roxy’s, Krista and I caught up over croissants and chocolate pudding in Chelsea Market. It was just what I needed to walk the three miles “home” :)

One World Trade

The rest of the day was spent in the Financial District with my college bestie. We grabbed drinks at Fraunces Tavern and dinner at Mad Dog & Beans, and were in bed by 10:45. It was lovely.

Freemans NYC

Saturday morning we lounged around and headed to brunch at Freemans with some college friends. It’s definitely worth the hype–SO good! More on that below.


And next door to Freemans was Morgenstern’s which most of us didn’t know was a well-known place but turns out it is, and people love it. It’s easy to see why, though I may be getting another flavor next time :)

We spent the rest of the day grabbing drinks at The Wren, followed by a lazy night of catching up over Bachelor reruns, homemade nachos, and wine. Sometimes a three day weekend out of town with good company (and an afternoon of pretty snowfall) just needs to happen. While I still have zero desire to live in NYC, trips of these kind need to happen more often!


Bareburger: I picked up Bareburger to go right when I arrived Thursday night. The Standard with beef was yummy, though more simple than expected (I know it has a “simple” name, but I sort of thought the list of toppings was long and would be more prominent-tasting). The fries were awesome…I only wish there were more of them for the price! #NYCproblems

Irving Farm Coffee: Jackie and I met here and her recommendation was spot on! We were at the 3rd Ave location and it’s huge with lots of seating. The sweet steel cut oatmeal was delish.

by CHLOE: This place is so hyped up–if you’re a vegan, definitely prioritize going. I’d certainly happily go there again but not when it’s so jam packed inside. It was practically impossible to sit down!

Sarabeth’s Bakery: I’d been to one of the Sarabeth’s restaurants but this was my first time grabbing a bite at the bakery in Chelsea Market. Krista and I caught up over a snack–a croissant for her and the yummiest chocolate pudding for me–and she pointed out that Sarabeth HERSELF was baking away through the glass window for all to see. How cool is that?!

Fraunces Tavern: Go for the history, stay for the vibe and drinks! Only half kidding. The space was built in 1719 and was where George Washington gave his farewell address to the officers of the Continental Army in 1783. There are tons of rooms inside the dimly lit space, and it’d be a great place for date night or catching up with a friend. The service was also noticeably wonderful!

Mad Dog & Beans: Really cool vibe and delicious Mexican food that won’t break the bank. The only part that bugged me is why this place is called Mad Dog & Beans…which of course, is explained on their website. The elderflower margarita was awesome (strong, though, so pace yourself!), and the  chicken chimichanga and guac were a little more oniony than expected but not in a bad way. Would 100% go back!

Freemans: Went for brunch on Saturday–so delicious and a cute homey farmhouse-like setting. They take reservations for parties 6+…go that route if you can because it was packed! I had the Baked Skillet Eggs Shakshuka and it was the perfect amount of food without being too heavy. Bonus points: prices are really reasonable for NYC brunch.

Morgenstern’s: Apparently it’s a well-known ice cream shop. It was right next to Freemans so naturally we went for a post-brunch snack! I had the rum raisin and it was very rum-y…good, but not quite sure a child should get their hands on the stuff :) The shop and branding are really adorable as well.

The Wren: The cutest, coziest spot for a wintry mid-afternoon drink or food. We got there at 3pm and were seated almost immediately. It has a dimly lit, sophisticated vibe and a really delicious looking menu. I didn’t eat because we’d just come from Freemans + ice cream but highly recommend the hot toddy!

All photos by Monica Dutia

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    What a fun trip! I always love jetting off to NYC when I can!

    Published 1.18.17
  2. What a fun trip to the city! I just got back from NY last week- it was so cold I couldn’t feel my nose!

    Published 1.18.17
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha right?! So pretty in the winter time, but it’s definitely hard to explore the city by foot :)

      Published 1.22.17
  3. katie wrote:

    Looks like you were all over town! Excited to explore with you in May!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 1.18.17
    • Monica wrote:

      Likewise! Let’s try nine new places!

      Published 1.22.17
  4. Kate wrote:

    Wow! I can’t believe you were able to pack all that into a few days! That’s pretty ambitious. The Wren sounds so inviting and cozy. I’ll have to try it out the next time I’m in the city. And I’ve never heard of Irving Farm but I LOVE a good cup of coffee so I need to check them out too :)

    Taffeta & Tulips

    Published 1.19.17
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes, you’ll definitely have to try The Wren (and Irving Farm)…both are so good. Definitely get the hot toddy at Wren if it’s seasonally appropriate when you go :)

      Published 1.22.17
  5. mary wrote:

    wow super fun, luv NYC

    Published 1.23.17
    • Monica wrote:

      It’s always fun to visit and I don’t make it there nearly enough!

      Published 1.24.17