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Friday Things

TGIF! This week was pretty average except for a fun double date Monday night and last night’s Hush Puppies media dinner at Masseria. I’d been wanting to try the restaurant and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The HP girls and their team put on the most beautiful event (check out my Insta stories if you’re reading this before Friday night!)–we’re talking dreamy decor, delicious food, and so many sweet attendees–and it was so fun getting to learn about a brand we’ve all heard of from way back when but likely haven’t shopped in years. I wore my new sandals in Monday’s post and you can shop them here! Oh and casually, when Laura, Ashlee, and I were on our way out, Michelle Obama was exiting the restaurant, too. Like, what?! I’ve lived here for over four years collectively and not once had anything like that happen to me. She literally blew right by us (Secret Service practically ran Ashlee over shuttling Michelle out) and her cars were right behind our Lyft. An agent saw me on my phone–trying to check for our ride–and said “no photos please, ma’am” and I was like whaaaatt (and clarified I was just trying to get our car). It was definitely one of those really cool DC moments :)


I’m on a quest for a new white jeans (my current pair has been stretching in weird places…idk what’s going on, but they’re not worthy of being my only pair!), so I ordered these from J.Crew earlier in the week. Their jeans have never worked for me in years past so here’s hoping something changed…I’m trying both petite since I really want the ankle length and regular, so will report back!

Tuckernuck also just released a bunch of new arrivals and I’m swooning…perfect timing since there are some gaps to be filled in my closet in the form of summer tops!


Dishoom is high on my list of places to visit next time I’m in London, but looks like there’s another Indian restaurant to add to the list! Loved Rose’s recap of Tandoor Chop House.

– I want to make this light cake with blueberries–anyone else love angel food?

Katie started an Etsy shop!! This girl is so unbelievably talented and I’m really excited for her. Definitely go to her if you need save the dates, invites, etc…her custom maps are so freaking cute, too. If you don’t need those things now, bookmark Scott Street Paper till you do! Her rates are also really reasonable which is key for things like weddings :)

Who knew maple candied almonds were so easy to make? Exactly what you need to satisfy sugar cravings + the perfect topping for summer salads!

– Hydrangeas are so beautiful yet so fickle…how to keep them alive when you get a dud batch that threatens to wilt!

– If you live in a city with a Trader Joe’s, chances are that you’ve bought (or at least heard of) Charles Shaw wine, known as “Two Buck Chuck” (or “Three Buck Chuck” as it is in DC). There are so many versions of the story out there, but here’s what Charles himself–along with some of the people who worked with him–have to say about the wine’s history and how it made its way onto your TJs shelves.


– Sharing the five things I never travel internationally (or domestically, for that matter) without!

– A new outfit post featuring my newest summer sandals–they’re so chic and comfy.

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  1. The Michelle Obama moment!!! So cool. I’ve seen her a couple times for speaking engagements/events, but seeing someone up close and by surprise is so much cooler! I’d be freaking out hahah. She’s such a presence. Also I love Old Navy white jeans! Super reasonable, and you get the ankle cut, which is key for me as well.

    Published 4.21.17
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha so true about her being a presence! Def a cool moment. And argggh I know I swore by ON, but that’s my pair that’s been disappointing me lately! I need to do the thing where I order eight pairs from them and hope one works cause when it does, it’s a great success!

      Published 4.24.17