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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Summer

5 Instagram accounts to follow this summer

So here’s the thing…I had this grand plan to write a whole beauty post today and finally talk all about the skincare issues that I’ve struggled with since middle school, but the weekend got away from me and it occurred to me while I was in the shower and continuing to brainstorm our apartment decor that when friends actively ask me about fashion-centric Instagram accounts to follow, I also end up inserting a handful of decor/more general lifestyle accounts into conversation–they’re really gold mines of inspiration. When the question of my favorite accounts to follow comes up, the answer is always a mix of content types…plus many of my favorite blogs get linked to on here, not regramming on Insta makes it hard to share favorites over there!

Anyway, that’s what prompted this post, and I’d highly recommend giving these ladies a follow! Let me what some of your fav accounts are in the comments below :)

UPCOUNTRY LIVING: You may have seen me tag Upcountry Living Market on Instagram–Joy has the best flash sales that won’t break the bank. So this is basically a PSA to follow both her accounts…Upcountry Living is chock full of southern living inspiration and scenes (I have never wanted a front deck more), and the market is perfect for those of us who can’t make it to flea markets + antique sales to get the good stuff.

5 Instagram accounts to follow this summer

MEG HALL: Story timeeee! I found Meg’s Instagram through Julia’s like a year and a half ago and immediately wanted to be her friend…so much so that I DMed her to rave about her feed and told her to let me know when she was in DC because I’d love to grab a drink (yes, I acknowledge this is kind of weird, especially to non-bloggers, but this is 2017 and people somehow make friends like this…I’ll take it). Anyway, she responded and luckily didn’t think I was a total weirdo, and we actually got together and she’s basically become my remote design consultant. But seriously–Meg is the sweetest, has the best taste, and the cutest pup Miles–you’ll find lots of CT charm, thrifted decor, funny + relatable husband appearances (if you’re reading this on Monday morning, go watch her Insta-story stat…LOLOL) and the perfect mix of splurge-worthy + budget pieces. Oh, and she loves L.L. Bean as much as I do and if you don’t believe me that they’re NOT exclusively outdoorsy, she’ll convince you! PS: Follow her blog–it’s a good one and you’ll see why I want her to come style my entire apartment.

5 Instagrams accounts to follow this summer

JACKIE GREANEY: You may remember Jackie from this post but here we are–worthy of a second mention because I’m a little too close to planning an entire Maine trip around her geotags. I’d say she’s pretty much the queen of perfectly planned road trips and perfect editorial shots…if you’re looking to up your photog game, get vintage furniture inspo, and take a mental vacation, she’s your gal. I think I squealed out loud after seeing this post…who wants to come to the Maine flea markets with me like…tomorrow?

5 Instagrams accounts to follow this summer

THE YELLOW NOTE: I came across Briana’s feed thanks to Meg and can’t get enough of the little homes + cottages she finds and shares on her feed, which kind of feels like a mini road trip through New England towns. The peeks of her own home can’t be missed, either! As an aside, I know this post is about accounts to follow this summer, but her winter content (and all of these ladies’, actually) is so good…it takes a serious eye to source and get these shots!

5 Instagrams accounts to follow this summer

ZHUSH: I’ve been following Sue for two or three years and can’t get over her gorgeous CT and VT homes. Also: her pup is so freaking cute! There’s lots of home decor inspiration that carries over to her blog…if you can’t get enough of classic interior design (think clean lines, a mix of modern + traditional, and a lot of blue + white), this is an account you won’t want to miss!

First photo via my Instagram + others via these ladies’ Instagrams: Upcountry LivingMeg HallJackie GreaneyThe Yellow NoteZhush

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I totally agree that all of their feeds and blogs are fantastic! So happy to be included.

    Published 6.12.17
  2. Colby Lynn wrote:

    Would love to connect as well!

    Published 8.15.17