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Friday Things

Friday Things

TGIF! Hope you all had a nice week–mine included catching up with some friends over dinner on Monday and Thursday, and relaxing + studying after work the other nights. I made it to the gym once–not great, but better than nothing?–and we’re trying our first Orange Theory class tomorrow! Has anyone else done it? A few friends have said nothing but good things, so I’m optimistic. Other than that, we’re getting dinner with friends and just doing some housekeeping things around the apartment (redoing some caulking and finding more creative storage solutions, to name a few). It should be a nice and productive weekend–the best kind. Hope you all have a great one!

EATING: The zucchini turkey burgers from Skinny Taste are one of her more popular recipes–if you’ve tried them, you know why! We made a double batch on Sunday night and ate them for dinner throughout most of this week…they do take a little extra time to make, but are so, so worth it in the end! Also I’ve had a bag of Trader Joe’s Garlic Fries in the freezer for awhile and while we didn’t add the garlic (it comes in one of those annoying packets you have to deal with which makes smaller batches tough, ugh), the fries are delicious and actually quite crispy–a feat in the frozen potato market!

I want these gingham linen shorts SO BADLY.


Light on links, but some goodies!

– I’ve been trying to up my Pinterest game lately, and would love it if you followed along!

– If you live in DC or are planning a visit, here are three of the best happy hours with food. Mintwood is one of my favorites, and I had no idea their HH was so good!

– The most popular questions bloggers receive: should I start a blog? Danielle’s post on the topic pretty much echoes my own sentiments.

– This small home–the size of many apartments–is pared down living goals to the max. Dare I say I’d live in a place like this? As someone who has always been drawn to smaller homes > larger ones, this is kind of #goals (okay, maybe add 1000 square feet), particularly the porch and décor. I’ll take two of the moulding and fire place, please!

– For anyone afraid of fruit-infused water, this combination will change your mind! Because there has to be another drink that speaks to summer in the same way as rosé.

– Super cool event alert! If you’re in DC, my friend Serena, an incredibly talented artist (remember her from Instagram? February girl–swoon!), is hosting a DIY water color workshop at West Elm on 14th Street next weekend! You’ll get to learn watercolor techniques to create your own personalized heraldry, and learn how to hand letter your name along with the pretty accents that seem to me are only a trick of the trade if you’re an illustrator (so basically, lots of artist secrets…yay!). There will also be mimosas + treats, a swag bag, and 15% off your purchase at West Elm all day. How stunning is the crest she made me?! Obsessed is an understatement. More peeks on her Instagram! Hope to see you guys there :)


Where I’m heading this summer (and how I booked “cheap” flights for popular seasonal destinations)

5 Instagram accounts to follow this summer–they’re going to simultaneously make you want to go on vacation, find all the pretty houses in your neighborhood, and redo your home.

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  1. Jacqueline wrote:

    Ohhhh 1) I love Orangetheory! and 2) I want to go to the workshop, so long as you promise not to laugh at my non-existent artistic skills…

    Published 6.16.17
    • Monica wrote:

      I hope you can go!! And of course you’ve tried OT, haha…I totally get the hype now!

      Published 6.22.17