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Harvey Relief: How to Help from Wherever You Are

As most of you probably knew, I was born and raised in Dallas. While I went to school in upstate New York, currently live in DC, and have no plans to move back down south, the state unsurprisingly holds a very special place in my heart. Everyone knows by now that the flooding and devastation that’s hitting Houston is indescribably sad and awful…it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of it all. My parents are completely fine a couple hundred miles away in Dallas but some of my cousins and my aunt and uncle live in Houston and are facing it head on. The first floor of my aunt and uncle’s house has a foot of water (luckily they made the second floor “home” for the a couple of days, and then evacuated by boat yesterday), and my cousins braved the rains for two days before packing up and heading to an Airbnb towards Austin. They’re all safe, but it’s still so scary to have something like that hit so close to home and to know that so many people haven’t even been even close to that lucky.

It was definitely weird to be in Dallas this past weekend and be so close, yet so far, from physically being able to help. Like I couldn’t just go pick up my family and get them out of there, you know? They opted not to evacuate earlier on (similar to most of the city) so getting to our house + our other family’s house in Dallas was out of the question.

There have been a lot of articles and sites circulating places to donate and ways to help, and I wanted to share a five of them (including a couple smaller initiatives) here. I’ve donated to the SPCA of Texas and JJ Watt’s fund so far–really, anything you can do to help is better than nothing.

– Magnolia is donating all proceeds from their “Texas Forever” t-shirt through September 30. BUY.

– Houston Texans player JJ Watt started a fund that has already surpassed $5 million. GIVE.

– Sugar & Cloth (based in Houston) will be holding a local donation drive–you can also donate from afar and sponsor a family. GIVE.

– Helps pets in need through the SPCA of Texas. GIVE.

– Austin Pets Alive has been taking in pets and while they’re at-capacity with food and crates, monetary donations are still needed. GIVE.


Whether it’s a dollar or $100, everything helps–it’s as easy as foregoing that extra drink at happy hour this week. The also NYT wrote about how to avoid scams when you’re donating to Harvey victims, and they’ve included a huge list of organizations as well. Sending love and prayers to everyone affected by the storm ♥

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