Gift Guide: Under $50

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

We’re talking about gifts under $50 today! I feel like this is a common price point for people who have to purchase multiple gifts for close friends and/or family. It’s enough to get something indulgent but not high enough to break the bank!

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Striving for a Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle

Today I wanted to talk about something that we’re probably all conscious of (but trying to avoid thinking about) given the holidays and upcoming festivities…making healthy choices. Most people who know me probably know that I haven’t always had the best eating habits–I love fast food, will never say no to french fries, and there’s a reason this blog was called “Cake & Lilies” until a couple of weeks ago. I like to eat and generally don’t mind working out, but consuming the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables and making the right choices as an adult wasn’t really on my radar until recently.

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Gift Guide: Under $100

Gift ideas under $100

Today’s gift guide is for items under $100…definitely a bit of a splurge, but a price point some of you may be working with for one or two people on your list. These coasters are a favorite gift for us–I got J a set a couple of years ago, and we’ve given them as hostess gifts since– and Diptyque candles are what I like to call a “practical splurge” since if you want to burn candles, you don’t have to go high-end but doing so is always such a treat (also love that these come in such a pretty box already, and can personally attest to the minis having a surprisingly good burn time).

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