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Mini Chipotle Mayo BLTs

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone’s week going? I’m not going to lie, I’ve sort of been neglecting my typical evening routine (getting in bed by around 9:45 to read, and lights off by 10-10:15 because I like to wake up early but also get eight hours of sleep) because of the Super Bowl, The Bachelor, and This Is Us…but This Is Us has been so incredibly good I don’t mind one bit (raise your hand if you feel similarly) and re: The Bachelor, I do same thing as in years past…multitask and do other things while it’s on in the background and only half pay attention. Pretty sure it got switched off just before the rose ceremony this week….oops. Wake me up when there are five contestants left :)

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I’m Loving: Misc. Things I Want & Misc. Things I’ve Bought

Does anyone else agree that post-Super Bowl Monday is consistently the worst Monday of the year? If you watch the game till the end, you basically know you’re going to the week exhausted…it’s always worth it but man, I’m v. jealous of those of you who can go to bed on a full stomach + function on less than eight hours of sleep :) We had a few people over last night and cooked up a storm–including the yummiest sliders that will be on the blog on Wednesday!

Onto the fun stuff…we’re at that point where most people have probably given up shopping for winter and have turned the focus to spring. Honestly, this is the time of year where it’s easiest for me not to shop at all, because I’ll usually only spring for something that’s on major sale since I haven’t pulled out spring/summer clothing and typically assess that inventory before making any new purchases. That being said, I’ve picked up a couple of great pieces lately–and am going to continue sharing my favorite flats with you guys because they’re nearly sold out everywhere but are on major sale–and have also had my eye on a couple things.

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Friday Things

Happy Super Bowl weekend! Despite not really following football throughout the season (or understanding more than the basic rules, if we’re being honest), this is always a fun weekend because J’s been hosting a Super Bowl party since we moved to DC…and that means we’re jointly hosting together this year. (Though let’s be honest, I was mostly responsible for the food in years past :)) That makes this particular year the “fourth annual,” which is kind of fun, and J’s also a big Patriot’s fan and we all know what it’s like to have ~your team~ in the big game.

My week was pretty low key, with pretty much no post-work plans aside from catching up with Ashlee and Serena at Mintwood on Tuesday. I’m out of town for seven out of nine weekends so am trying to keep my weeknights pretty open to get through blog + freelance work, keep up with my workouts, and get in enough downtime. If you were one of those people who thought January was like the longest month ever (seriously, I asked Ashlee and Serena if they’d been seeing mentions like this all over social media because I was so confused), hopefully your February is off to a better start :) Have a great one, friends!

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