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Around the World: The Reefs Resort – Southampton, Bermuda

I’m so excited to share where we stayed in Bermuda–The Reefs resort! It was truly one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had and if you’re visiting the island and looking to stay at a resort, I cannot recommend it more highly. The backstory is that J and I planned this trip as our main “vacation” for the summer (we did go to our college reunion, a wedding, and I went to a bridal shower but this was our one relaxing trip for the season) and also made it our birthday presents to each other. We’re increasingly moving toward experiences over material things and Bermuda had been on both of our bucket lists for years. It was definitely pricier than most other vacations we’d have taken so it made sense to have it check a few boxes rather than just “a summer vacation.”

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Super Easy OLD BAY Queso Recipe

I am so excited to share this recipe with you because it’s (shamelessly) hands down one of the best dishes I’ve ever concocted and you need to make it for yourself as soon as possible! Like most born and bred Texans, I have a deep-seated love for queso (and no, it’s not “just cheese,” it’s the best form of hot, melted cheese that exists) and order it whenever I’m at a restaurant that’s known to have a “good” variety. What’s always eluded me, though, is having a go-to recipe so it can be made at home…until now!

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Friday Things

It’s felt like forever since the last normal Friday post, but it also doesn’t feel like the end of July so we’ll take it, I guess! I spent the past two weekends out of town and am excited to be home for this one; I’m grabbing dinner with a friend tonight, Millie gets her first haircut tomorrow (!!) and we’re having a couple friends over for dinner tomorrow night (the plan is to make stuffed shells!). Other than a couple workouts, it should be pretty low key and filled with productivity in the way of blog work, freelance, and cleaning. Hope you have a great one, whatever you’re up to!

P.S. I snapped this pic of Millie this morning on our walk…her little tongue! I die.

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