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Around Here XI

Happy unofficial first week of summer! Hope everyone had a nice long weekend…I didn’t expect to take Monday off from posting, but we had a really productive couple of days around here catching up on freelance work, housework, puppy things, and seeing a few friends. I’m still trying to get into my routine again–getting a puppy unsurprisingly really throws things off. I knew that’d be the case, but have still felt behind on life in general and am really trying to simultaneously embrace this exciting time while not stressing about everything that’s falling by the wayside. We’re just a week away from the month mark, is truly proof that the year is flying by. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on around here lately, including two trips I’m incredibly excited about!

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The Best Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Weekend always feels like an extra special three days because it marks the first federal holiday since January…I’m always a little shocked that there’s nothing between MLK Day (which isn’t a work holiday for many) and this weekend. What are your plans? We are staying put and don’t have much on the agenda–something I am very excited about. It’s supposed to start raining–again–starting Saturday night, but I’m hoping we can squeeze in a little pool time beforehand. Have a safe, fun one, whatever you’re up to…and if you’re in the market to take advantage of some great sales, here are my favorite Memorial Day sales!

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Currently Reading Vol. VI

This post is so far overdue–I’m trying to do a Currently Reading roundup for every six books I read, but we’re up to nine this time around! The topics and genres vary significantly…some are light, a couple are heavy; in general, I’d say this was a pretty solid batch. I’ve been trying to get a little more outside of my comfort zone when it comes to topics, writing styles, and genres, and this bunch captures that well. If you’re heading out of town this weekend (or are looking to stay in and dive into a good book), hopefully a couple of these catch your eye!

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