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I’m Loving: Chic Storage Baskets

There aren’t too many things we need for our little apartment right now, but something I’d spent way too long searching for were chic storage baskets. We have decent sized closets for clothes but our shared closet space is negligible (just one “hallway” slash living room coat closet, that’s a good size but is also home to all our winter coats, J’s golf clubs, the vacuum, extra paper towels and toilet paper, and a couple plastic bins of misc. things) so I’ve always looked for pretty but functional receptacles that won’t break the bank, since so much of our storage has to be on “display.” Much easier said than done!

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Navy Ruffle + Birthday Celebrations

We got back to DC late yesterday afternoon after having the best two days in Bermuda. Have any of you been? It’s a wonderful island that’s a less than two hour direct flight from DC (it’s off the coast of South Carolina, despite many–including myself, for awhile, thinking it’s further south!) and feels like an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I completely understand why most people who visit make it a point to come back, and I can’t wait to share a full recap with you soon!

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What I Kept from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens up to the public today! (You previously needed a store credit or debit card to shop it.) I wrote a post last week highlighting my top picks and what I bought, but now that my purchases have come in and I’ve (pretty much) decided what to keep, wanted to update you here.

I mentioned this before but the best buys in the sale tend to be basics that usually don’t get marked down other times of the year, or items you fall in love with and absolutely must have–remember that just because things are on sale now doesn’t mean they won’t be again later in the fall (oftentimes at a steeper discount!). Below are the things I snagged and won’t be returning…a few things always end up going back due to fit, quality, or because it doesn’t really make financial sense to keep everything you love! The only things I’m not sure about at this point are a pair of AG jeans. I ordered this pair and this pair but they seem to run a bit large, so am exchanging them for a smaller size (I typically wear a 26 but am trying a 25 here.) They’re a good deal for what I know will last me for literally years, but it’s never fun forking over $150!

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