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How much IKEA is in your home?

Today’s post addresses a very important decorating topic: IKEA. Many of you probably have (or have had, at some point) at least something from IKEA in your home, be it kitchen utensils, frames (THE way to make gallery walls affordable is to go to the Swedish mecca for their Ribba frames), a sofa, bookcase, or really anything from the Hemnes collection. My question today is whether you currently have IKEA items in your home and if so, how much? A lot? A little? None?

I’m not going to lie, the one thing I envisioned in my post-roommate housing life—aside from finally splurging on this guy—was living in an IKEA-free home. I really have no good reason for this [naiive] mindset except that I mainly associated the store with the immediate post-college lifestyle (not even the college lifestyle, since I have no idea where the nearest location is to central New York) or the place people went if they wanted to spend little to no brainpower designing their space; other than that, it was simply the place to pick up fun knickknacks, random textiles, misc. kitchen items, and of course, a soft serve post-checkout and bag of frozen meatballs to go. When I was growing up, a trip to IKEA was more of an activity than a necessity—my parent’s house didn’t need more furnishings, so I’d come up with some random thing I thought we needed and would turn it into a fun way to pass a day over summer vacation or quiet Saturday morning.

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Basics on Sale + Misc. Spring Items

It’s kind of crazy how we’re at the tail end of March–meaning spring is on the way! While I tend to savor the colder months and don’t mind winter as much as most people, even I’ll admit to feeling a little more…happy? energetic? peppy? when the first few days of warm temperatures hit. It’s typically rare that I’m pining to fill my closet with spring pieces because I love fall so much, but I don’t know if it’s that I know there are some holes in my wardrobe or I’ve been shopping less lately, but man …there are some pretty appealing things out there right now. Many of you might have heard that there’s a really good Shopbop sale happening–it’s one of their two annual tiered shopping events where you take 15% off $200+, 20% off $500+, and 25% off $800+. To be honest, I really prefer their sale where it’s 20% off your entire purchase with no minimum, but the main perk here is that there are very few exclusions, meaning brands and classic style that typically never go on sale get marked down. If you’re looking for basics you’ll keep for years and/or to pick up a few things for spring before all the good stuff disappears, this is the.sale. for you.

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Three Days in Amsterdam

As you probably know by now, J and I spent three days in Amsterdam over President’s Day weekend. It was a quick trip but we packed so much in, and we were both excited to have explored (and fallen in love with) a new city. This is a loooong post, but hopefully a helpful one if you’re interested in visiting or are planning a trip. Peak season is definitely late spring/summer, but visiting off-season isn’t bad at all and I’d recommend it if you’re looking to save a few bucks on flights + accommodations. An alternate title to this post would probably be “how to cram as much of Amsterdam as possible into three days”–we didn’t let a moment go to waste, and keep looking back and thinking “wow, I can’t believe we did that much and were in Amsterdam for just three days!

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