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Friday Things

It almost felt like the weekend started last night because J and I had a spectacular dinner at Pineapple & Pearls, a dining experience that’s been on our bucket lists since it opened two years ago. It’s a beautifully done, 10 course meal with drink pairings, and we were there for almost three hours. It’s very much a splurge and something we’ve been planning to do for awhile (plus, reservations go fast and you generally have to book about six weeks out), and I’m happy to report it lived up to expectations. If you go, definitely try and get seats at the Chef’s Counter…it is amazing watching the kitchen produce piece after piece of what is essentially edible art!

This is our first weekend in DC since February 3 and our last weekend in town before another three of travel. We’ve literally made zero plans aside from getting some furniture delivered and going to Orangetheory. I’ll be doing my taxes, working on lots of freelance + blog work (Amsterdam recap coming next week!), cooking something healthy, and relaxing. It’s basically supposed to rain for three days straight, which will hopefully make tackling this to-do list much easier :)

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I’m Loving: Matchbook Diaries

Some time last year, I discovered this gem of an Instagram account called Matchbook Diaries. I believe it was through Lindsay–she’s been the source of a number of unique brands + businesses I’ve come to love–and it’s become one of my favorite accounts to follow. There’s something so clean and classic about a crisp photograph of a singular matchbook, and I’m not sure how, but it achieves a look that I think would be compatible with most decorative aesthetics/preferences.

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25% off at the Bean

Hello again, friends! I dropped the ball on getting posts up last Friday and yesterday, despite best efforts to spend a little more time on the computer before we left for Amsterdam on Thursday evening. While we were there, it just made sense to unplug and enjoy our quick, three day vacation. I didn’t even end up posting on Instagram as much as I’d planned to…a full recap (including an interesting story about our return trip) to come soon!

Normal MWF posting will resume tomorrow, but I wanted to drop in with a bonus (haha, let’s just pretend since I randomly skipped two of my “normal” blogging days) post in light of L.L. Beans’ 25% off sale that ends tonight. They’ve run this discount a handful of times in the past few months, and unlike in years past, it works on Bean Boots, too! Most notably, this quilted pullover that’s become one of my favorite things in my closet, cannot stay in stock but is back in a few colors and sizes–snag one if you can, and keep an eye out since there have been restocks!

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