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White Seersucker

I posted this Instagram last night–I really just can’t wait for fall! We’re heading back into the 90s on Monday but it’ll be nice to enjoy a mild but (hopefully) not humid couple of days. I have a work commitment for the bulk of tomorrow but am celebrating a friend’s birthday with dinner and drinks at night, and hitting Orangetheory on Sunday. We’re also in town over Labor Day weekend so I’m hoping to tackle of couple of house-related projects between this weekend and the next!

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A Shop I Love for Personalized Stationery + Business Cards

I’m convinced that no matter what technological advances come our way during my lifetime, I will always be pro-handwritten correspondence. There is something much more personal about something that is physically written (vs. type behind a screen), not to mention the inevitable excitement of receiving something fun in the mail! My collection of stationery and cards is disproportionally large to our storage space but I don’t ever see that changing. It’s fun to grow my collection during trips, when someone I love is having a sale, or when I discover a new paper good retailer or brand.

In the realm of online stationery, I first came across Basic Invite a couple of years ago and am excited to share them with you today! They’re essentially a one stop shop for paper goods and they make the design process incredibly simple. Prices are reasonable, too, and shipping is quick–both things that can be hard to come by in the custom stationery market.

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I’m Loving: MANGO

I mentioned this in Friday’s post, but when I was in early high school, MANGO was my favorite store. I don’t even know how I got into them in the first place since they’re a Spanish brand and had a very small to nonexistent US footprint at the time, but I think my worldly cousin must have introduced me and I excitedly stopped at every location we came across while on vacation in Europe that summer. While my first thing purchase from there was a black and gray muscle tee with “MNG” screen printed down the front (LOL), I’ve picked up some great items from them over the years. It’s very Zara-like in style, quality, and price, but I find the selection much easier to navigate and the designs to be a little more conservative.

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