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Royal Wedding Thoughts + Comfy Leather Flats

I’m happy to be waking up on a sunny Monday morning after seven out of eight straight days of rain–yesterday was the first time in a week it stayed dry, and I think everyone around town has a little spring in their step thanks to the weather Gods throwing us a bone!

Who else watched the wedding on Saturday? A few of us got together starting at 5:15am and soaked up every minute. I thought Meghan looked beautiful and I loved her dress…I do get why people naturally compare it to Kate’s, but in my mind, it’s sort of like apples to oranges. Their personal styles are so different, the circumstances are so different, and they’re just different people…I do wish the sleeves were more fitted, but thought she looked classic and exquisite–messy bun and all (I am so #teammessybun). It was also fun to watch a slightly less traditional take on a royal wedding and see how Meghan was able to fold in what was important to her, even if it led to some confusion amongst the British guests. The bridesmaids and pageboys were adorable, and Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon was unexpected but powerful–though I did think it was slightly lengthy for the occasion–and absolutely loved The Kingdom Choir’s performance of “Stand By Me” and 19 year-old cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s trio. And can we talk about her dress + Diana’s ring for the evening? Everything definitely lived up to expectations and it was such a beautiful morning–did you watch, too? Thoughts? I’ll be continuing to soak up all the coverage I can in the coming days!

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Recent Purchases + Some Things That Caught My Eye

Happy Royal Wedding Weekend! I’m excited for a low key weekend at home, complete with a ~4:30am wakeup call to watch the wedding tomorrow. Kristyn is having us over tomorrow,  and a few of us went to the themed pop-up bar in last night (see my Insta stories if you’re reading this before Friday evening!)–it was so fun despite the hour long wait. I love the royal family, am a huge fan of Meghan (if you don’t watch Suits, I highly recommend), and am just really excited to get into the celebratory spirit. Whether or not you’re embracing the festivities, hope you have a great weekend–and if you’re like us and on day five of endless rain, let’s cross our fingers we’ll get a break soon!

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Splurge Items in My Kitchen

Much like “day in the life” and “what’s in my bag?” posts, I love reading about what people buy at the grocery store or stock in their fridge or pantry. I’ve highlighted a bunch of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds in the past, and since that’s where we do 90%+ of our grocery shopping, those posts are a pretty good peek at what you’d find in our kitchen on a given day.

However, despite my insistence that we almost exclusively do our shopping at TJ’s—it took J awhile to warm up to the non-branded items so there used to be a little more Safeway sprinkled in there—there are a few things I will happily splurge on. These probably aren’t considered splurge items to many people, but I take a lot of pride in making sure our weekly groceries ring in between $45-70 and picking up a couple of these can  easily throw that figure out the window. Luckily most of them last a little while and let’s be honest–even if their prices skyrocketed, I’d probably still buy them!

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