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Peppermint Double Chocolate Cookies

Has anyone else’s diet seemingly consisted of only cookies over the past couple of weeks? I feel like it’s kind of normal around the holidays, but for some reason I felt like I consumed way more this year than in years past. Definitely not a bad thing…and since we have just under a week to keep this festive cookie party going, one more recipe to throw at ya for any holiday festivities, last minute gifts, or Christmas Eve/Day!

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My Experience with Orangetheory

If you read here regularly, you’ve undoubtably heard me mention my new workout of choice–one that I’ve actually stuck with regularly (2x/week) since August. While I had previously been decently disciplined about going to the gym, my workouts weren’t great in terms of intensity…as in if I could work out for 30 minutes and not break a sweat enough to have to wash my hair that night, it was a win.

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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

The last gift guide of the season is here! If you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas, I’ve got you covered. Many of these are also under $10 which means you’re completely justified in picking up one for yourself, too :)

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