Easy Weeknight Dinners I Love Vol. II

Hello from snowy DC! We had our first “snowstorm” this weekend and it actually lived up to the hype–even more so than most of us anticipated! I love snow in any capacity and am not complaining that most of the city is working from home today (or totally have the day off–lucky you, if that’s the case!) Millie is such a happy snow pup and we’re really enjoying these wintry walks with her. She turns into the cutest little nugget–if you’re interested, there’s more on my Insta Stories (and under the “Millie” highlight) :)

Back in May, I shared some of our go-to weeknight dinners and have since been adding a bunch to the “Easy eats” highlight on my Stories! I figured I’d check in with some of the other things we make regularly…we’ve actually started alternating who picks the “recipe for the week” each week, which lets us both take turns choosing what we each want to eat without the other person weighing in. It’s also prompted us to try a bunch of new recipes, which I’ll be sure to share in the near future. In between that main meal prep, we’ll fill in gaps with super simple non-recipes that I figured I’d share more of today!

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Essential Tips to Organize your Inbox

In the spirit of the new year, let’s talk clean inboxes! I consider myself to be an organized person, and that includes staying up to date with my inbox (no notifications, please!). I’ve had my personal Gmail for over seven years, I think, and while I’ve never been one to let unread emails pile up, I didn’t implement a labeling or categorical system till entering the “real world” nearly six years ago. Even when I did I missed the mark by a) not deleting emails I didn’t need–like apartment building notifications, promotional emails, etc. and b) adding a Label to an email, but not archiving the message into that category–which meant everything continued to sit in my main inbox.

As you can imagine, this led to a major inbox catastrophe in the sense that there were thousands of emails sitting in my main inbox. Most of them had been categorized with a Label but it wasn’t until late last fall that I started getting really annoyed about the clutter in my actual inbox. I’ll note that I have my main personal email and then my “other” personal one that I typically use for online shopping and the like. The inbox I tackled this time around is my true personal one, so it gets everything from travel confirmations, job search-related correspondences, notes from friends + family, and messages from a select number retailers. I truly love having a clean inbox–both my blog and work ones have minimal to no messages in the main inbox, meaning everything is either deleted, archived, or filed into it’s appropriate folder/label! I’m not really sure how this main personal inbox got so neglected but it was high time to make some changes!

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Around the World: Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

It won’t surprise those of you who have been reading for awhile that my “hotel bucket list” is forever growing! Not only are there specific destinations that I’m itching to visit, but there are specific properties I’m eager to stay at. While many of them are unfortunately currently out of reach for the budget-friendly vacations we try to take, I’d love to start incorporating a night or two if the opportunity presents itself (like if there are other hotels in the area that are easy to switch to, or we’re traveling for a special occasion).

I’d heard of Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli in passing–likely through a travel magazine or blog–but more recently came across it through Julia and Rosie–Rosie got married there last summer! It’s situated right on Garda, a lake in Northern Italy that’s about as picturesque as you’d imagine for an Italian lake. It’s an easy train ride from Milan or Verona and while I’d love to get back to Lake Como, Garda is definitely where I’ll be heading next time we plan a vacation in that part of Italy!

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