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A Go-To Fall Look: Tuckernuck Dress & Rothy’s Flats

One of the biggest changes in my personal style in the past couple of years has been an increased affinity for neutral, comfortable dresses that can just as easily be dressed up as they can down. I had a handful of sundresses in my early 20s and would attempt to make them “work appropriate” by adding a cardigan and wearing flats to make the hem length look as modest as possible. (This was somewhat passable as a college intern but I probably did it longer than was professionally acceptable…whoops.) Most of them were fit and flare–so fitted up top and swishy on the bottom–and a couple of years ago, I found selling and donating those in favor of more sheath and straight styles. A less fitted style can sometimes be boxy but I find them to be so much more comfortable–particularly on hot days–and simultaneously more “grown up,” in a way. Don’t get me wrong, I still have and love some fit and flare dresses, but have surprised myself in reaching for these straighter silhouettes that I initially thought would be frumpy and shapeless on my figure!

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Around Here XVII

After a busy summer of travel, it’s been a pretty quiet few weeks over here and you’ll be getting no complaints from me on that front! We’ve had a handful of weekends with minimal plans–a good reminder that I crave more downtime the older I get–and now that the temperatures have dropped, we’re finally back into a good long walk + dog park routine with Millie. She’s much happier when she’s well-exercised and is fully in her “teenage” stage, so we’re trying to curb bad behavior with extra exercise and playtime with other dogs. I don’t have too much to update you guys on since last time, but there are a few random things I’ve loved that deserve a shoutout!

P.S. An amazing discount code below, if you’re reading this on 10/18!

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A Tour of My Closet

This post has been a really long time coming and I’m so glad we finally shot some photos! I’ve alluded to it several times in the past but we have pretty decent closet space given that we live in 540 square feet. I do wish we had a little more communal storage–there’s just one closet in the living room, and a linen closet is what I’m most looking forward to when we have a house–but we’re lucky enough to have two nearly equal-sized closets for our personal belongings. It’s really nice not having to share one, since I know that’s common in many city and suburban living arrangements!

I got the larger of the two closets and it’s 60″ long. (J’s is 48″.) I was always content with the capacity since the closets in my last two apartments were roughly the same size and smaller, and I’ve never had a walk-in before. We snapped these right after I packed away my “summer clothes” and brought out the “winter clothes” so the biggest difference is the cooler months mean the cubbies above the hanging rack are crammed with sweaters, versus in the warmer months, they’re not entirely full and also store some of my off-season winter accessories and shoes. Also, this is all completely un-staged so excuse the peeks of wrinkles, lint, deodorant, and cedar chips :) The hallway is really narrow–the closets are directly opposite one other–and the lighting isn’t great (case and point) so this was a bit of a creative challenge that would have been best executed with a wide-angle camera lens that I don’t own! For anyone who’s curious, we shot these using a tripod and my DSLR’s kit lens.

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