Aperol Rosé Slushies

I’m a fall/winter girl through and through, but refreshing cocktails are one of my favorite things about summer and I love getting creative with new concoctions at home each year! Aperol Spritzes are a go-to order for me (year-round, but particularly in the warmer months) and I recently had the idea to combine two seasonal favorites: rosé + Aperol! I don’t know why it took me this long to put them together because they’re a match made in heaven–especially when blended into a frozen cocktail! Making frozé can take several hours as you have to freeze the wine first, so this is more of a slush because it’s not really thick and smooth but more iced with some small pieces of strawberry.

As is the case with most recipes I try to make at home, there are no obscure ingredients needed as long as you can get your hands on some Aperol! It’s quick and easy and perfect to whip up for guests, an at-home happy hour, or for a little something by the pool (get something like this)!

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A Weekend in Portland, Maine

A couple weeks ago, we took a quick two day trip to Portland, ME (thanks to the Companion Pass!) and spent Saturday-Monday exploring the city. We wanted to do a dedicated trip to Portland because we both know we love the smaller Maine towns and without intentionally dedicated a couple of days to Portland, would likely inevitably end up glossing over the city beyond a quick meal or two en route to another destination. I’d only been to Maine once before this and just spent a mere couple of hours in Portland, so our plan to skip renting a car and stay right in town worked out perfectly!

This was also one of the few trips we’ve taken where I’ve done virtually no planning minus making a list of restaurants to try and setting up one “activity.” We had dinner reservations Sunday night but that was the only set plan, and it really ended up being the best way to spend the weekend!

How we got there

BWI is a Southwest hub so we took the train there from Union Station (the Amtrak there, and the MARC back) and hopped on a direct flight to Portland. The flight time is about an hour so our travel time really came from getting to and from BWI! Once you arrive, PWM is only about a 15 minute drive from downtown.

Last time we went to Portland, we flew into Boston and were traveling with our friends who have a car. It’s an easy two hour drive from Logan!

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Around Here XV

It’s been a minute since I’ve followed my typical MWF posting schedule and I wanted to pop in with a little bit of what’s been going on in life lately! It’s true when they say “when it rains it pours” and there’s been the perfect storm of craziness in seemingly all parts of my life, including my 9-5, freelance, and a couple back to back personal trips. I’m grateful for all those things but a few unexpected things in every bucket kind of drained my tank–and pushed blogging down the priority list–and this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.

I had a low key night Friday, shot a couple outfits on Saturday, and tried out a new spot for dinner (let’s just say I’m glad I’m about to build out an official DC burger guide), and worked out and met a friend for brunch at Indique on Sunday. I also got in a decent amount of computer time and while one more day would be the ideal way to end these couple of days, am simultaneously feeling more above water but happy that next weekend will be another low key one as well!

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