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Friday Things

It’s been a minute since the last Friday Things post and I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about the fact that we’re already over a quarter done with the year! The feeling is definitely exacerbated by it being a busy time at work and since we recently booked a few trips between now and August, which makes it very easy to think ahead. No complaints here…just in awe that time continues to fly!

I’ve been keeping my weeknight to a minimum and have kind of been enjoying the slower evenings…we’re taking Millie on longer walks now that it’s warming up and it’s been nice feeling settled in my newer workout routine. A goal of mine has also been how to restructure the time I spend working on my blog + freelance work–it’s currently just a hodgepodge of time spread over the week, but I feel like I could be more intentional about batching the hours so I’m not constantly feeling “on” and trying to squeeze in work at random times. I tend to get myself in “work” mode at the expense of spending quality time with J and Millie, particularly when lounging with the TV on in the background. There’s definitely room for improvement!

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A Cute Spring Look with Everlane Sandals

Aside from a few blips, it looks like spring is here to stay (my allergies certainly think so, and some of you seem to agree)! I switched out my closet this past weekend and despite fall and winter being my favorite seasons and sweaters being my attire of choice, it was nice to pull out my brighter colors and dresses. I always embrace this time of year when it’s cool enough to wear pants without being uncomfortably warm and tend to break out my white jeans any chance I get–be it with a sweater for cooler days or a more summery top when we get a taste of summer!

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3 Days in London

I’m finally here with a recap of our three days in London! It’s hard to imagine our trip was over a month ago now (you can read about our time in Edinburgh here) and it’s been fun putting the finishing touches on this post. Travel posts are a doozy to write–I’m actually working on a post about what goes into pulling one together–so I’d written part of this on our flight home and filled in the gaps + sorted through photos over the past couple of weeks. Given how time consuming they are, I feel like these types of posts always end up going live after my intended publication date! But the good news is that you’re about to get overloaded with a ton of photos + recommendations (particularly in the way of food) so if you’re planning a trip to London or just looking to fall into a case of Monday wanderlust, I’ve got you covered!

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