Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail

I’m sure many of you fall enthusiasts can agree, but one of the best things about this time of year is having any excuse to cook or bake fall-ey things in every form. I tend to make a batch of these muffins right at the start of October (before the temperatures are on board with my mindset) and continue to embrace the season from a culinary perspective as the months go on. We’re trying out this pasta sauce with lunch this week and I have high hopes!

Anyway, I’m kind of touch or go with fall-themed cocktails and find many of them to be overly sweet or distinct flavor-wise. I love apple cider but definitely prefer it in moderation and to be honest, have a not so fond memory of drinking a little too much of an an apple cider + rum beverage in my early college days! But now that whiskey has become one of my go-to spirits (nearly tied with gin!), I thought it’d make a good base for a cider cocktail. You could definitely mess with the proportions a bit if you’re looking for a more whiskey-forward taste, and use a larger glass to allow for more seltzer if fizz is your preference. I’ve seen fresh apple cider from actual orchards sold at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods over the past few weeks, so depending on where you are in the country, can hopefully find the same!

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10.12.18 2

Friday Things + What to Buy in the Serena & Lily Sale

TGIF, friends! The best part of today is that I needed a pullover when walking the dog this morning so fall definitely appears to be here to stay. I hate the heat and highs in the 60s are my temperature of preference, so am excited for a low key weekend of long walks with Millie, hopefully trying out a new restaurant tomorrow, and a couple of workouts. I gave myself an entire week off of plans minus hitting the gym twice, and it was a much needed respite from overbooking myself last week. I’m feeling much more rested and productive, which is always a positive going into a new season!

A few things…

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A Quick Trip to St Michaels, MD

Two weekends ago, myself, Katie, and one of my good friends from college (they first met at my Super Bowl party last year and have really hit it off!) got together for a short weekend trip to Annapolis and St Michaels MD. We spent the night at K’s parent’s house in Annapolis on Friday night–and had dinner at Vin909, which I highly recommend–before grabbing breakfast and getting on the road to St. Michaels, which is about an hour away. It’s an easy ~2 hour drive from DC and is a popular destination for folks living in the DMV! Somehow none of us had ever made the trip, so we chose it for our little weekend jaunt.

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