My 7 Most Worn Items This Summer

We’re fully in the thick of the dog days of summer and every year I assume DC is breaking heat-related records because it’s always miserable out in August. You’d have thought growing up in Texas would make me more tolerant of the high temperatures but I’m the biggest wuss right now!

While I’ve been mostly commuting in workout clothes (I prefer to walk to and from work everyday but it’s about two miles in each direction which isn’t great when it’s this hot…so I take the bus, but sometimes it doesn’t show up so I like to be prepared in athletic clothes if I do have to walk!), there have been a few summer pieces I’ve reached for over and over again due to the breathability and ability to go with anything when I just want to prioritize feeling cool over looking cute. My office dress code is casual so luckily I can wear these there, too, but they get worn just as much on the weekends as they do during the week. Most items are under $100 and I’ll note that I didn’t include any dresses here because I have a few and rotate through them pretty consistently! These are just the items I’ve notably been reaching for continuously–they really deserve their own post!

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Tee

I’m wearing this shirt right now (with these shorts in white–which honestly should probably have been on this list but I’ve been wearing the denim ones mentioned below a little more this summer) and sized up to a large. You can see it in this outfit post! I love that it’s 100% cotton and doesn’t cling if you size up. Plus, it comes in so many colors. At $18, the price is great and per usual with Everlane, the quality is notably good!

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Two Failed Weeks of No Gluten + Dairy

Two back-to-back food-related posts! I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s taken me to write this post but it was promised so better late than never! You may remember back in the spring when I was planning to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet for two weeks. There were a couple primary reasons for doing this and I was so confident it would give my body the reset it was craving, both physically and mentally. TL;DR: I didn’t actually complete the two weeks. I wanted to share why I decided to do it, why it didn’t work for me, and what I learned!

Why I attempted to go gluten and dairy-free for two weeks

What promoted this whole idea was repeated conversations with my aesthetician (I see Kayla at Adrienne Shostak and she’s amazing) about just how significantly my diet impacts my skin. I’m genetically predisposed to acne and scarring and I came to her a little over a year ago with completely dehydrated skin due to harsh prescriptions prescribed by a dermatologist. I found Kayla after looking for alternative treatment options because the derm felt too dismissive (nothing irks me more than getting three minutes with the doctor every visit, particularly when your co-pay is $50!)–the cherry on top was getting two, very painful cortisone shots to deal with a cystic pimple with a promise that it’d would go away…and it didn’t.

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What I Buy From Whole Foods

My Trader Joe’s product roundups are some of the most popular posts I’ve published, so I figured I’d do a similar post on what we typically buy at Whole Foods! We do most of our shopping at TJ’s, the rest at Whole Foods, and head to Safeway on occasion.

In the super basics category, we regularly pick up the following items. Everything I dive into in this post is more of a novelty…we can get similar items at TJ’s or Safeway, but splurge on these for one reason or another as discussed below!

+ A big box of spinach (I like having that size to try and get through during the week)

+ Sourdough bread (stays fresh much longer than the one from TJ’s)

+ Fresh deli meat

+ Rotisserie chicken (not sold at TJ’s)

+ Fresh fish (when we don’t buy frozen from TJ’s)

+ Bananas (TJ’s prices bananas by piece and Whole Foods does it by weight, so it’s more economical to buy a few small ones at Whole Foods since we both prefer to take smaller ones to work for a snack or breakfast on days when I don’t make smoothies! We buy the huge ones from TJ’s for smoothie days.)

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