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Around the World: Dunstane Houses in Edinburgh, Scotland

If you kept up with our trip via Instagram, you probably saw that we stayed at The Dunstane Houses while in Edinburgh. The hotel is split into two buildings–the main house and Hampton House–and we were lucky to be in room No. 9, which is The Dunstane Suite. It’s no secret that I love boutique hotels, but I was truly blown away with how well The Dunstane maintains its boutique nature (there are only 35 rooms!) and simultaneously provides a luxurious experience that I’ve really only felt at larger properties or chain hotels. It goes above and beyond in earning it’s five stars and I’m so excited to share this one with you–get ready for photo overload!

The Dunstane recently underwent massive renovations consisting of major overhauls and attention to the tiniest details. Each room is designed to be completely unique and while also coordinating–dare I say perfectly–with other rooms and the entire property. No two rooms or suites are the same and little luxuries include heated bathroom floors (not to mention the stunning tile you’ll see below), a fresh jar of homemade shortbread in your room every day, local candies at turndown, mattresses by the same company who supplies them for the Queen, and a personal favorite: each wardrobe is one of a kind! The Dunstane worked with a small business out of Germany that sources old wardrobes, refurbishes them, and builds them out for hotels (they add the necessary shelves for the mini bar contents, safe, etc.), so each piece is completely unique. I loved this touch and hearing it early on in our stay really helped set the tone for how much emphasis The Dunstane places on like-minded businesses and the value of a good aesthetic!

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Why I Own Four Dudley Stephens Fleeces

I’m back from our week in London + Edinburgh and can’t wait to share it with you! If you followed along on Instagram, you probably saw that we did a lot and ate really well, so stay tuned for lots of photos and a couple recaps later this week and next. I had a cold-like viral infection for much of our trip so took this weekend really easy by essentially spending most of it on the couch with Millie. (As an aside, this was the longest we’d been away from her and I don’t know how parents of actual children do it. We literally looked at pictures of her every single day and talked about how much we missed her!)

Anyway, excuse the frizzy hair + rain (#londonweather)…this is the only outfit I shot–we were on our way to breakfast–but you can see what I packed in this post. The two Dudley Stephens tops did take up a decent amount of space given that we didn’t check bags and I didn’t wear one on the plane, but I honestly could have brought a third and would have been content wearing them exclusively since it’s so easy to just swap out a base layer under the turtlenecks + boatnecks. This is the cowl style so it’s harder to layer something underneath, but I wore it all day Sunday (it was perfect because I wanted something comfortable for walking around all day but also nice enough for our afternoon tea at Sketch) and then with black leggings + flats again for dinner one night in Edinburgh.

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Friday Things

We’re heading across the pond tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! This is probably my favorite time of year to travel–there’s this awkwardly long break between bank holidays (depending on your office, it could be as long as New Years Day to Memorial Day, or as short as President’s Day to Memorial Day…either way, it’s several weeks!) and I’m so happy to be back in London for the first time in over 15 years + heading to Edinburgh for the first time. Scotland has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember I know this will be the first of multiple visits :)

This week felt simultaneously long and short…we did a lot of trip prep ahead of time, but there were still lots of boxes to check since I want to stay off my computer as much as possible while we’re gone. I had breakfast with Ashlee on Tuesday before she left for Houston (it still hasn’t hit me that they’re moving!), went to Mission for happy hour, and squeezed in a workout yesterday morning before work.

I’m going to take next week off from posting but will be back here a week from Monday! In the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram where I will be posting + storying, or you can catch up on some of my favorite posts (shared below).

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