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A Tour of My Closet

This post has been a really long time coming and I’m so glad we finally shot some photos! I’ve alluded to it several times in the past but we have pretty decent closet space given that we live in 540 square feet. I do wish we had a little more communal storage–there’s just one closet in the living room, and a linen closet is what I’m most looking forward to when we have a house–but we’re lucky enough to have two nearly equal-sized closets for our personal belongings. It’s really nice not having to share one, since I know that’s common in many city and suburban living arrangements!

I got the larger of the two closets and it’s 60″ long. (J’s is 48″.) I was always content with the capacity since the closets in my last two apartments were roughly the same size and smaller, and I’ve never had a walk-in before. We snapped these right after I packed away my “summer clothes” and brought out the “winter clothes” so the biggest difference is the cooler months mean the cubbies above the hanging rack are crammed with sweaters, versus in the warmer months, they’re not entirely full and also store some of my off-season winter accessories and shoes. Also, this is all completely un-staged so excuse the peeks of wrinkles, lint, deodorant, and cedar chips :) The hallway is really narrow–the closets are directly opposite one other–and the lighting isn’t great (case and point) so this was a bit of a creative challenge that would have been best executed with a wide-angle camera lens that I don’t own! For anyone who’s curious, we shot these using a tripod and my DSLR’s kit lens.

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Friday Things

TGIF! It finally feels like fall in DC and I’m excited to be in town for the next three weeks! October (once temperatures drop) is one of my favorite times of year and aside from being in Texas last weekend for my cousin’s wedding, we’re staying put with minimal plans other than hosting one of my bffs in a couple of weeks! It was so nice being able to catch up with family last weekend, plus J and I went to the State Fair of Texas on Friday and I got to show my favorite New Englander one of my best childhood memories! If you’re ever in Dallas during the fair, it’s well worth the trip…there’s really nothing like it! If you caught my Instagram Stories you saw that we ate fried Oreos, and fried pickles, the legendary Fletcher’s corn dogs, and cotton candy. There was also a pig race involved and this all took place in the span of three hours, so let it be proof that you can really do some damage and experience the real deal in a short amount of time :)


+ I highly recommending following Claire on Instagram for many reasons, but the little recipes she shares always look amazing but also so…doable? No over the top ingredients, nothing dramatic…but everything always looks so good. Including this apple crumble that I’m planning on making in the next week or two!

+ My worlds collided in the best way when I got to introduce Katie and Stephanie early last year! Stephanie and I went to high school together and reconnected in DC, and Katie is no stranger over here–she’s a bff I made through blogging over four years ago. Stephanie just started a podcast with our other mutual friend Sadie, and they interviewed Katie in an episode that aired this week! I highly recommend adding this to your weekly listens. Proud friend over here!

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Fall Things to Do in DC

One of my most requested content ideas is a post on things to do in DC in the fall and given that I’m a fall enthusiast and wish the mid-Atlantic could resemble New England this time of year, I was excited to pull this post together! There are obviously no shortage of things to do once you cast a wide net in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area (DMV), but I wanted to focus on some things closer to the District since I know many of you live here and don’t necessarily have access to a car or a whole day to commit to a trip out of the city!

I’m going to be updating this post as I find more things so bookmark and check back if you’re looking to embrace the best time of the year in the DC-area!


There’s something special about spending a crisp fall day at a vineyard or brewery! Loudon County has a number of excellent spots and while not having a car means our trips out there aren’t as frequently as I’d like, I’ve spent some wonderful days drinking great wine with friends!

Bluemont Vineyard

Bluemont is one of my favorite vineyards (and is next door to sister brewery Dirt Farm!)–we were just at both in August! They both have sweeping views of the area, making them the ultimate place to catch fall foliage, and Bluemont is serving apple wine to celebrate the season.

Dirt Farm Brewing

Hello, fall foliage! They have an incredible outdoor area with the same views as sister property Bluemont and they’re currently serving a pumpkin beer. We also spent some time there before heading to Bluemont in August and really enjoyed the affordable food options. Eat here over the winery if you’re doing both and want to save a few bucks!

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