2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Around $10

Whether you’re looking for a couple supplementary gifts or are on a strict budget, here are some items around $10 to give this year! They’re mostly practical but also fun, and many of them will work well when paired something else, too, if you want to spend a little more or already have something else in mind. I’m a huge proponent of writing notes with gifts so you’ll notice that some of these work better if they’re given with some context :)

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What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Let’s talk holiday traditions! Regardless of your religious affiliation and how you celebrate the season, there is often a strong sense of tradition associated with the holidays and I’m sure many of you have routines or favorite memories that carry on year after year. One of my favorite things about transitioning into the “real world” 5+ years ago was forming some of my own traditions around the holidays since in college, most of us were occupied with exams right up till our flights or trips back home!

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

While men are known to be the toughest to shop for, it feels like women are sometimes the easiest–except when it comes to narrowing down options! This roundup ended up being a little pricier than I originally intended, so I’m leaving a few more budget options at the end. There are also twelve items rather than the nine from the rest of the gift guides this year…I went with “less is more” but there were some I just couldn’t leave off!

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