Everyday Outfit Ideas: What I Actually Wore Vol. I

A few months ago on Instagram, I teased that I was going to start sharing more of my everyday outfits in the form of–much to my dismay–mirror selfies. I have a pretty well-edited closet and never wanted this to be a full on fashion blog, so photographing everything I wear on a daily basis in the form of outfit photos has never been my goal! I also work a full-time job that would mean either hopping out to do a full shoot every morning before work (not an option) or recreating all the outfits before or after the fact. I’d much prefer to share things in “real time” so try to do that on IG Stories whenenver possible because I know I love seeing what people–fashion bloggers or not–actually wear every day!

I’ve shared a handful of snaps taken before heading out for the day, but realized something pretty quickly…I frequently commute in workout clothes and change when I get to the office, so I wasn’t actually getting dressed at home and therefore wasn’t snapping these “what I actually wore” selfies. My commute is about two miles each way and with DC summers and unreliable bus times (seriously–that thing shouldn’t even claim to have a schedule!), I hated sweating through everything and just commuted in a sports bra and athletic clothing since I end up walking so often. The good news: fall is on the horizon and I love winter, so the selfies will be more consistent and I’ll be sharing them in this roundup every 8-10 outfits or so.

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6 Recent Amazon Favorites Round II

I don’t shop on Amazon as frequently as many people I know, but I’ve found some good gems since this post in the spring (and many of these are still my all-time favorite buys!). As expected, this is a really random mix of goods but they’re all very budget-friendly (all except for one is under $20!)–if you’ve snagged any great finds from there lately, leave them in the comments below!

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Friday Things

After a summer full of large bursts of travel, I’m happy to say we are home for the next few weeks! We took so many great trips (Maine, Florida, The Homestead, Dallas, Chicago, Newport, and New York) and while most were just three day trips over a long weekend, I’m someone who fully embraces the “new school year” mentality and am therefore really happy to be getting back into our routine and ready to tackle things at home. We have very minimal plans this weekend and I have a long list of things I want to tackle in the way of blog + freelance, but also to binge on Downton ahead of the upcoming movie release. J hasn’t seen the series and I’m excited he’s on board! Whatever you’re up to, hope it’s a great one!


Nordstrom Rack is having a great sale on Stuart Weitzman shoes and after lusting after a pair of their below-the-knee styles for years, I ended up ordering these (at 50% off!), half hoping they’d not work because they’re still such an investment, but half crossing my fingers they’d fit because they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. Well, they’re perfect! I have narrow calves and small ankles so most boots don’t stay up or end up sagging at the ankles. This pair starts super snug but has a lot of stretch, so I’d recommend trying them out if you’ve been in the market for classic flat knee-high boots!


+ Our place made a little appearance in Apartment Therapy a couple of weeks ago! We use our bar cart for books and as a side table and I’m a full believer in utilizing them for much more than just alcohol!

+ Julia’s Charleston home was featured in Southern Living and it’s truly spectacular. The attention to detail, color and pattern mixing, and general homey-meets-sophisticated vibe is serious #homegoals!

+ We have central air and I hope we always will, but that’s certainly not the norm depending on where you live—if we had a radiator, I’d use this tutorial on how to paint a cover for it!

+ A heartbreaking but incredibly well-written piece on the anniversary of 9/11.

+ Something to make you smile: Snaps from Princess Charlotte’s first day of preschool.

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