The Diner

In the heart of Adam’s Morgan is a 24/7 place called The Diner. I’ve passed it multiple times and each time have seen people eating plates of golden, friend tater tots that have looked scrumptious. A couple friends and I met there on a Friday evening intending to just have a couple of drinks. Instead, we were took one look at the menu and opted to get some delicious, greasy, classic diner food.

My drink was delicious. You could pick a type of alcohol- this was orange cinnamon bourbon- and choose a mixer. Unsure of what combinations were ideal, we asked the bartender to make whatever he suggested would be best. Mine was mixed with ginger ale, and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

I ordered bread pudding French toast, which came with homemade orange whipped cream and maple syrup. As a huge bread pudding fan, I have to admit that it didn’t taste very bread pudding-ey. However, it was still yummy and went well with the orange cinnamon bourbon concoction.

The sought-after tater tots were as good as expected.

Jodie’s chili cheese fries, which tasted a lot better than they look here.

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