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Friday Things



Happy Friday!! I came down with a nasty cold this week (thanks, Homecoming) and have been ODing on tea with the occasional smoothie. Whoever discovered that putting spinach into smoothies is a thing deserves a gold medal. One cup and I’ve had three servings of fruit and one of vegetables? Done! This weekend is going to be hopefully shooting some more outfit pics, a dinner date, stocking up on groceries, and hopefully baking. Just the right amount of busy, I think! P.S. Can I please have all of these plaid blankets?!

Things of note (more like links, since I did little besides be sick and go to work this week):

– Dying to make this— two of my favorite ingredients, wrapped up into one drink!

– I finally caved and got this in red and this in navy from L.L. Bean. Because fall is the best season!

– This is a new release, but I’m dying to read it: Mastering the Art of French Eating. I saw the review on A Cup of Jo this morning and am sold. Add that to the list!

– Okay, so this may sound random. But who doesn’t love potatoes? I stumbled onto this series of recipes (while on Pinterest, of course) and know that I’ll have to try a few of them this winter season.

I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend! Any fun plans?


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  1. Nnenna wrote:

    I was just saying on my blog how much I love books about food and Paris :) Thanks for the recommendations and the links to check out!

    Published 9.27.13
  2. I downloaded the sample of Mastering the Art of French Cooking last week!

    Published 9.29.13
  3. *French Eating…

    Published 9.29.13