Keeping Warm



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Included the typical fall uniform mix of leggings, boots, and sweaters are comfy, cozy socks that are the perfect thing to wear alone on a relaxing day at home or with out with boots. I’ve been stocking up on pairs through the years and with so many fun prints out there, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to expand your collection. You can wear them with tall boots or under jeans and no one will see them, or you can wear them with cropped boots and leggings if you’re into that. I personally have only done that with my beloved Bean Boots, but do love me some tall socks with leggings around the house. Argyle is a personal favorite, but I think I need to add some fair isle to the mix soon. Fall and winter are the best times to embrace fun pairs (I realize how ridiculous this sounds, but it’s true!) so have fun diversifying from boring, athletic ankle socks! Even if other people can’t see them, at least you know they’re cute!

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