Society6Paris // Gouda // Cookies & Milk // Map // Otters // Up // Breakfast // Dallas

Have you guys heard of Society6? They have such a great selection of art and artsy products at reasonable prices. Artists can submit their work to the site and it goes onto shirts, iPhone cases, hoodies, prints, and much more. You can make a varying profit and it’s a great way to get your stuff out there.

I heard about this site a few months ago after asking my friend where she got her cool London-themed iPhone case. I’ve since found myself drifting back to window shop, but haven’t actually caved and made any purchases. All the prints are just so cute and witty, plus there’s an even bigger range than what’s shown above. Have you ever bought something from here? It’s honestly so fun to browse, I’m pretty content doing just that!

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  1. Ginet wrote:

    Cute! I like the Otters and Up :)

    Posted 10.3.13 Reply