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Documentary to Watch: Somm


I’m funny when it comes to documentaries… I generally love them, but they’re not what I gravitate towards when trying to decide what movie to watch. That’s something I’m really trying to change because I’ve generally loved all of the ones I’ve seen… especially Somm. The boyfriend and I watched it on Saturday night (with wine + cheese, obviously), and trust me when I say it’s amazing. If you like wine or drink it at all, you need to watch this!

The movie follows six guys who are in the process of studying to become Master Sommeliers. In order to earn this prestigious title, they’re required to pass a notoriously difficult — nearly impossible — exam that only a couple hundred sommeliers in the world have ever passed. In addition to successfully completing a tasting, where they must identify characteristics including the region, year, name, et al. of the wine, they also sit for an extremely comprehensive written test that covers literally everything there is to know about the industry and its relevant geography. This made my Geography major (and college career) look like the ABCs. Within minutes of starting the film, you’re completely invested in each guy’s future and whether or not they’ll successfully pass the test. It’s crazy to think that there are only a handful of Master Sommeliers in the world despite the fact that there are so many practicing sommeliers. What’s even more impressive is realizing that this title isn’t really something you can really train for for your entire life, for obvious reasons. The movie highlights persistence, focus, drive, and just overall mental strength, not to mention makes you want to try and learn more about wine. I certainly don’t know much at all, and I’m definitely motivated now!

So buy some wine, check it out, and let me know what you think! Have any of you seen it? Or got any other good documentary recs? I think this one is up next for me!

Image via Somm Documentary Facebook page

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