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A Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots

I’ve raved about LL Bean Boots many a times on this blog, so it only makes sense to dedicate a post to some questions I’ve heard in regards to whether the boots are worth it, what style/height to get, etc. I’m no expert – especially since I’m a southerner who’s first “real fall” was a mere 5 years ago – but after trying another winter boot for a couple of years prior, I made the switch my junior year and will never go back. The Bean Boot is largely responsible for the start of my love affair with L.L. Bean, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Are LL Bean Boots worth it?

YES! They last for a long, long time. Trust me! Many of my friends’ parents who have braved many winters in the northeast are still using the same pair they purchased decades ago. Another perk: L.L. Bean also guarantees all their products for life. I’ve had my boots for three years and they’re still in tip top shape (minus the foot liner that keeps sliding out, but that’s an easy fix).

Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

What style and height should I get?

The 6 inch and 8 inch both function similarly, but I opted for the 8″ because I prefer boots that cut a bit higher. LL Bean Boots are also a good height to wear with tall, thick socks and added height = added protection from the weather. Style/model wise, I got the Gore-Tex/Thinsulate 8″ to combat the upstate NY winters (note that the Gore-Tex is not available in the 6″). I personally have no problem wearing them in less freezing temps even though they’re so insulated; if you anticipate being in a very snowy climate, I say spring for the Gore-Tex Thinsulate. If not (or if you’re looking to save some $), the regular pair can be made warmer when need be by simply wearing a thick pair of socks (I love these and these).

Are LL Bean Boots waterproof?

Yep! I generally wear my rainboots on rainy days, but plenty of people play double duty with their Bean Boots. It’s part of what makes them so versatile!

Are LL Bean Boots comfortable?

Yes – and way more so than I expected. I can walk loooong distances in these boots; they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. They’re also much lighter weight-wise than you might guess given their appearance.

Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

What about for the guys?

They’re just as practical for girls as they are for guys! And look prettttty good with some corduroys or chinos if you ask me!

Do LL Bean Boots come in multiple styles?

Yes they do, in lots of styles – you can view them all here (for men & women!).

Can I wear my LL Bean Boots with “normal” clothes?
Absolutely! I was fortunate enough to go to a school where snow boots were part of a daily uniform (otherwise you’d 100% end up with an ice slipping-related injury), so I’m maybe a little too “anything goes” in this area. Obviously wearing them with a formal dress will look a bit silly, but in addition to pairing them with jeans or leggings, skirts and casual dresses can be great options. If you feel ridiculous, just remember, they are intended to protect you from the weather, so as long as it’s cold or chilly, people generally assume you’re just dressing for the climate.

I hope this LL Bean Boots buying guide was helpful…if you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email! I’m no expert, but I’ll certainly try to help :)

Anyone else just as obsessed as I am?!



Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

Images via Kelly in the City, this blog, Covering the Bases, & J’Adore J.Crew Tumblr

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  1. andréa wrote:

    this is super helpful! i have been thinking about opting for bean boots instead of my hunters that are starting to crack after 5 years. they just seem more practical and easier to wear.



    Published 10.20.14
    • Monica wrote:

      Yay!! I’m so glad it’s helpful… 5 years is a long time, so it sounds acceptable to treat yourself :)

      Published 10.22.14
  2. Jaine Pacheco wrote:


    I want to purchase LL Bean boots but I am not sure because it rarely snows here in Atlanta, GA. Is it worth buying even if not going to wear in snow?

    Published 8.14.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi Jaine! I’d say it depends on how cold it is and how much rain you guys typically get. They’re great as a rain boot substitute, but if you aren’t going to be wearing them in the snow, I’d get the most basic pair (so no Thinsulate lining or Goretex). They are very comfortable, so if you like the look (which many of us do!) and want something to protect you from all kinds of elements, they’d be a good purchase. Also, they last for years so if you do end up going somewhere colder or snowy for a vacation, they’ll be your best friend :)

      Published 8.15.16
  3. Jordan wrote:

    I live in North Carolina and plan on ordering a pair of bean boots. What height do you think I should get based upon the weather?

    Published 10.9.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi, I’m sorry for the delay! Comments were getting stuck in my spam filter for some reason :(

      I don’t know what winters are like in NC, but if they’re anything like DC (occasional snow/slush/rain, but cold), I think you’d be fine with the 6″ unless you like the 8″ more. I prefer the look of the 8″ but it’s really personal preference; I also bought mine while attending college in Upstate NY, so the 8″ with Thinsulate was definitely necessary given how much snow the area gets. If you are on the fence and want to save a few bucks/don’t have a preference aesthetically, go for the 6″ and wear thick socks!

      Hope that helps–feel free to email me at monica@cakeandlilies.com if you have any more questions!!

      Published 10.11.16