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Guys, Christmas is NEXT WEEK! I’m flying home to Dallas tomorrow and am ready to watch lots of cable TV (we have an antenna in my apartment here… it’s as sad as it sounds), bake cookies, and eat lots of food that I can’t get in DC. I hope you have plans to soak up quality time with those you love and stuff your faces with lots of treats! Posts will be going up next week, but don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for some updates! Wishing you all a happy, festive weekend :)

Of note…

– DC friends, how well do you know the metro system? I scored around an 80%…it’s harder than it sounds! Take the quiz here.

– Moving or redecorating in 2015? Victoria highlights 5 Ikea hacks that actually look pretty reasonable and manageable. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Ikea (except the dining area… that’s all love) but am inspired to try some of these out!

New Instagram filters! I honestly don’t use them much (prefer editing in other apps) but am really liking these! Thoughts?

– It’s no secret Erin is a decorating goddess – note: you need to get her book, stat #perfectholidayprez – so it’s no surprise that her newly added and renovated master suite is insane. Does this make anyone else want to frantically go redecorate (or hire Erin??). I met her during her book signing in DC and she’s as delightful as she sounds on her blog.

– Another DC thing… if you live here or are planning to visit, don’t miss this list of the best restaurants in the city. It’s by reader poll, and I agree with many of the picks including Rasika, Le Diplomate, Founding Farmers, Taylor Gourmet, Baked & Wired, and more!

– And if you’re still holiday shopping: For Her, For Him, For the Hostess, Stocking Stuffers, Under $25 + Under $50, Last Minute Gifts w/ Free Shipping, and last by not least, where to donate this holiday season.

Image via with text and slight modifications by Monica Dutia

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