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Four day weeks are the best kind of weeks– anyone else feel more productive than usual? I honestly think morale and productivity would be higher if every week were a four day week. Anyway….What’re you guys up to this weekend? It’s a hot one here but I’m sending lots of love to my home state (Texas) as they get slammed with severe rain and storms. A fun dinner, a little shopping, and brunch are happening this weekend and I’m looking forward to staying inside and GSD for the blog on what’s sure to be a rainy Sunday. A few good links for ya, per usual! Have a good one :)

Of note…

– Anyone else lamenting J.Crew’s plummet in quality, sizing, (and in my opinion, style) over the past year? Victoria says it well. Let’s discuss!

– I don’t have a sister but the letter Kelsey wrote to her sister upon graduation is one of the sweetest things I’ve read in awhile. Grab a tissue and get ready to write a heartfelt note to your sib!

– After this post earlier in the week, here’s another one to add to the list. I’ll take one of each, please!

– Everything about this post from Rosie is perfect. Who’s coming with? PS: If you don’t yet follow her blog, it’s time to start :)

– Any equally large royal family fans? 450 years of style and a little history.

– A kinda funny/arguably not so accurate article on what your name says about your age, job, geographic location, and political leanings.

– The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is still in full swing! Here’s my post with some picks.

– ICYMI: Don’t miss this yummy pineapple rum drink recipe and the GIVEAWAY (for a whole bottle of rum…yup!) that ends tonight! Plus, a day at the vineyard with my blogger babes + the 4 types of shirts you need for summer.

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  1. Happy weekend! Great roundup this week :)

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