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Shoe shopping is fun but can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something really specific and budget-friendly. One of my favorite clothing retailers has somewhat suddenly become one of my favorite shoe retailers… Brooks Brothers! Many people are turned off by what they assume are overly corporate-wear and high prices, but a little secret: the online sale section is a treasure trove of good deals and wearable pieces! As I shift through my late high school/college/recent grad wardrobe and look for pieces that are worthwhile investments and will be workhorses in my closet, I keep turning to BB. It’s not hard to see why, right?

Back to the shoes, though… holy variety! I didn’t realize how many different styles the store carried and that they have so much more than a basic court shoe. My go-to neutral wedges and favorite pair of flats were purchased here and I can’t say better things about both (they’re leather, though, so a blister stick is helpful when breaking them in/for long periods of wear!). While the regular price of most things at Brooks Brothers is out of my budget more often than not, the sale prices can be really, really good (case in point: snagged this guy for $85 last year!). Remember that you’re getting a quality piece that’s meant to last, and from a very reputable brand! Almost all of the shoes pictured here are under $100 and there’s free shipping on all orders till June 14.

I combed through most of the sale section (are we really surprised?) and am sharing quite a few picks in the scrolly widget at the bottom of this post… I’ve seen prices on some things be slightly lower, but with free shipping, these can’t be beat (it’s usually like $10….#petpeeve). A solid amount of my purchases from the past year have come from Brooks Brothers and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. This shirt is the most recent addition! One thing to note though is that the tops in Red Fleece collection fits a bit funny –sometimes they’re tight on top and loose ont he bottom– so it may be best to try a couple of sizes.

Fun fact though– ShopRunner offers free shipping on Brooks Brothers orders and is free for the first 30 days. Worth checking out when they don’t have free shipping!

Have you discovered Brooks Brothers’ shoes and love them as much as I do?! Oh, and this would be a great time to pick up some goodies for Father’s Day (especially if none of these did the trick!)– my picks are this gingham shirt, this dress shirt (under $40!), this tie, and this belt. Happy shopping :)



This post isn’t sponsored by Brooks Brothers… I just really, really love the brand and want you to know!


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  1. I love the brown wedges! I’ll have to swing by Brooks Brothers this weekend :)

    Posted 6.10.15 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Definitely try the online section first since the sales in store aren’t as good! But a little trip to BB never hurt anyone :)

      Posted 6.11.15 Reply