Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie

Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie

Most mornings of the summer, you’ll see me heading to work with one of these tumblers filled with a nasty looking green beverage– a smoothie! It’s actually really delicious and quite easy to make, plus all smoothies can turn out great with substitutions or approximations. I actually generally eyeball the ingredients but measured them out this time to share over here.

This is the blender I use – small, easy to clean, and $15. It’s a good deal for the price, but it doesn’t hurt to go easy on the motor to make the thing last (I’ve had mine for nearly two years and it’s still going). I usually combine all the ingredients save for the banana and let it sit while I get ready for work to thaw the fruit a bit. Add a little extra juice if the motor sounds like it’s dying (you’ll be able to tell) and top with some chia seeds for an extra kick. Honestly, I know there are some general nutritional benefits to chia seeds + just really like the gelatinous texture once they’re submerged, which is why I put them in my smoothies.

Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie

Mango Pineapple Green Smoothie
Makes 1 smoothie

– 1 cup frozen spinach
– 1/2 cup frozen mango*
– 1/2 cup frozen pineapple*
– 1 banana
– 3/4 to 1 cup juice (I used orange but will alternate between orange mango and pineapple)
– 1 teaspoon chia seeds (optional)
– ice (optional)

* You can substitute a number of frozen fruits (pineapple really helps combat the spinach, though) but I always include a banana wherever possible to help thicken things! Strawberries are also a personal fav. If you don’t use frozen fruit, throw in a few cubes of ice to keep things chilled!

Pour spinach, mango, and pineapple into blender and pour juice over fruit, trying to be as even as possible so all the frozen ingredients are soaked. This will help the blender if you’re using a little/less powerful one!

Ideally wait ~10 minutes before blending fruit + juice + spinach until smooth. Add banana and continue blending until combined. Add ice (if desired) and a little extra juice as needed. Top with chia seeds and stir if desired (to get the jelly-like texture!).

Photos by Monica Dutia

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