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Friday Things


Ok so I didn’t really end up browsing the internet much this week, meaning the link roundup that’s typically in today’s post is non-existent. But, I do have something kind of interesting/new…I’d been thinking about whether I was a fan of the “thumbs up” / “thumbs down” that’s been in the past few Friday posts, and didn’t feel like it truly recapped how things were going around these parts. Sydney has these great posts where she’ll break down her life in a few ways like “smelling,” “wearing,” “eating, “drinking,” et al. and I really like how it shares a little more behind the scenes but also serves as a sort of diary for her (just a guess!). I mean, blogs kind of did start as diaries (side note: who else had a Xanga?) and as much as I love this being a visually diary with some fun written thoughts, I love the idea of being able to go back and see what I was up to, when. So inspired from Sydney and adapted for me, here we go!

YUM!: a delicious meal with a sweet friend who I hadn’t seen in over two months! Farmers Fishers Bakers is always commended for its bottomless food bunch, but dinner is a hit as well–and is moderately priced for the ambiance/area! That being said, I had the fried fish sliders this time and plan to stick with a salad or pizza moving forward…

ON THE NIGHTSTAND: I just finished up Primates of Park AvenueSimilar to many of the reviews I’ve seen online, the book was fascinating from an anthropological standpoint–the Upper East Side is crazy!–but felt a little redundant and all over the place at times. I can’t tell what’s “typical” for this subset of society, but if Wednesday Martin’s account is any indication of what life’s like on the UES…wow. A good read if you’re looking for something light and more substantial than chick lit, but don’t set your expectations too high.

GIMME, PLEASE!: Holy J.Crew new arrivals! After being seriously let down by the brand for the past few years (quality plummeted, styles just too out there for me), I’m excited to give it another try this year. Alicia hosted an event there on Wednesday and after exhibiting a lot of self control to not pick up this vest, I left with a barrette from the sale rack and this turtleneck in black :)

ON THE “BIG” SCREEN: Full disclosure here: I’ve been watching Gossip Girl reruns like nobody’s business. As someone who likes to blog/freelance with background noise, this is the perfect series to have on because a) you can zone in and out without missing too much becauseeee b) I’ve seen all of the episodes before, some multiple times. Hehe.

WEEKEND AGENDA: Weekend wise, I plan to have a fun Saturday with Katie and Kristyn, and enjoy some time outside. This is the precious little window of beautiful, windows down, al fresco weather, so let’s enjoy it while we can!

ICYMI: How to buy the right pair of Bean Boots, preppy + budget prints for your home and/or gallery wall, pizza grilled cheese, and a look night my nightly beauty routine.   

Thoughts on the new format? It’s probably going to change a bit since I generally have links to share, but let me know what you think! Hope you have a great weekend, friends!

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