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What better time to talk about what’s on my bookshelf than day three of what we can officially call a blizzard! Did you spend some QT curled up with wine or tea and a good book? I made a decent dent in Killing Reagan and am looking forward to getting back into the habit of reading at least 10 minutes before bed every night. I’ve found that it really makes a difference in how well I sleep (significantly better) and like I think I’ve said before, it’s just nice to get to a lot of the recommendations that come my way.

Here’s what’s on deck…

Killing Reagan

This book isn’t without its controversy (many claim that parts are historically and factually inaccurate, which I believe) but I really enjoy reading about presidential history and have been wanting to learn more about Reagan’s path to Washington. This is definitely a digestible, easy read (especially for this genre) – just remember that some accounts should be taken with a grain of salt.


Countless people have recommended this book to me, including my mother who gave it to me a few months ago. Produced by Gallup, it helps people identify their talents and strengths, which can be beneficial to both personal + professional life. Have you tried it?


This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned reading Maphead – it’s one of those books I started and in the midst of a move, didn’t finish. This sucks because it’s always been high on my list…I can’t wait to pull it off the bookshelf and finally dig in. If you were a Ken Jennings fan, are a geography buff, love maps, or are just looking for a light but informative read, it may be worth adding to your bookshelf.


Arianna Huffington’s book sounds like it reads a bit like Lean In, which I read a few years ago. I’ve had this book for awhile and haven’t bothered to pick it up, but am curious to hear what she has to say since she’s obviously a very successful, inspirational woman talking about topics we encounter in our daily lives.

What’s on your bookshelf? I just revived my Goodreads account (thanks to Amanda’s constant mentions!) and am excited to see what recs it sends my way!

PS: Major props to Katie for finally inspiring me to get my .gif on. Aren’t these fun?! More to come, for sure.

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  1. I love the gif!!! Go girl!

    Posted 1.25.16 Reply
  2. Rachel wrote:

    Thrive is on my list to read this year! I love the idea of reading more historical books and hope to add more to my shelf too!

    Posted 1.25.16 Reply