Around the World: Coopershill House, Ireland

It’s been a minute since the last Around the World post, so why don’t we take a little trip to the land of a thousand welcomes on this average Tuesday?

Coopershill House, Ireland

Located just just a two hour drive from Dublin, Coopershill House is a luxury country house in Riverstown, Sligo, Ireland. Renting cars and driving through the countryside is a common way to tour the country and if you needed any convincing that this should be the way to plan your trip, look no further.

Coopershill looks like the ideal country accommodation at a price that won’t leave a huge hole in your wallet. Sure, it’s a little more rustic than your international chain, but it’s brimming with the kind of charm that you want (or at least, I’d want!) when visiting a place like this. It’s rated very highly on TripAdvisor, which is also a great sign.

Onto the aesthetics…obviously! The statement walls–both painted and wallpapered–caught my eye immediately, as those are always elements I want to incorporate into my own space but are difficult to commit to until I’m done renting. It would likely be done on a much smaller scale…more like a half bath or entryway than an entire room…but I love the idea of having one space really make a statement.

Coopershill House, Ireland

I wanted a canopy or four-poster bed so, so badly growing up. There’s something so feminine and different about them, and I think part of the allure came from reading the American Girl books where Felicity had an awesome canopy setup. Also, this chaise… furniture in ivory + dark wood = the dream.

Coopershill House, Ireland

This tile!! And the gold accents in the bathtub! Something about it all is so European in such a charming way…I don’t even know that I’d want a green tiled wall in my home but here? All over it. Each room is charming in its own way–the sign of a great B&B–and I’d definitely be willing to give up nights in a more luxurious property for something more cultured like a country house.

Coopershill House, Ireland

Has anyone done a road trip through Ireland and checked out the countryside? I’d love to know how it was and where you stayed! One could only hope all the inns look like this one :)

Coopershill House, Ireland

Images via Great Small Hotels

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    What a pretty place! Ireland is at the top of my bucket list!

    Posted 3.31.16 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Right?! Totally with you, Rachel.

      Posted 4.1.16 Reply