Bookshelf Accents Under $100

Over time, I’ve come to really appreciate a well-styled bookshelf…there’s so much more to a shelf of books than the books themselves. Seriously, where else can you conveniently store things (books), while seamlessly incorporating a mismatch of some of your favorite things like souvenirs, pretty candles, unique vases, etc., into your décor–no matter their color or style?

The actual bookshelf situation in my current apartment is just a couple of these, but I’ve been working on rearranging them a bit and intentionally organizing both the books and the accents around them. If you’re in the market for some coffee table books (not just for coffee tables…also for bookshelves and console tables!), I’ve done a few posts highlighting my favorites and will probably do an updated one in a few weeks. These books make up the majority of my bookshelf, as well as accent my coffee table, since I’ve been doing most of the rest of my reading on a Kindle over the past few years.


ONE: Elements of Style  – TWO: High Street Market Letter OpenerTHREE: High Street Market Porcelain JarsFOUR: Smathers & Branson Needlepoint CoastersFIVE: Threshold FigurineSIX: High Street Market Brass PaperweightSEVEN: High Street Market MatchbookEIGHT: Decanter Set via TuckernuckNINE: Design Darling TopiaryTEN: Gold Pineapple Candle via TargetELEVEN: Kate Spade Jewelry BoxTWELVE: Design Darling Elephant

The dream is to have some great built-ins (so. good.), but no matter what your shelf situation looks like, try rearranging your books in different ways–sort by color, have some lay flat and some stand up, put an accent piece or two on top of a stack, and remember to dust regularly (a big one…dusty bookshelves are no bueno). I’ll do a post on how to actually arrange the shelves once I’m 100% happy with mine, but in the meantime, wanted to share a few things from some of my favorite home decor sources. Like I said before, accents don’t have to be expensive (all of the above are under $100)…most of mine are vintage finds, and you can rotate in a mix of practical (jewelry boxes, matchbooks, coasters) with solely visual (topiary, figurines).

Personally, I think bookshelf styling falls straight under the “spring cleaning” domain and is a fun thing to do around this time of year. Anyone else with me? I’d love to know: do you have a got-do for your accent pieces?


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