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Friday Things

Happy Friday, guys! This has been a tiring but fun week…my mom has been in town for work since Monday and we’ve been on the go every night since. It’s been great to see her, of course, and times like this make me wish I lived a little closer to my parents. Anyone else get like that when family is in town? I’m planning to spend the weekend catching up on things and doing work around the apartment, plus going to brunch on Sunday. Happy Easter to those who celebrate…hope everyone has a great weekend!

EATING: This veggie bowl, and leftovers from going out to dinner with mom. We’ve been to/are going to Rasika (an all-time favorite and must-visit), Asia 54 (simple Asian food but really good), Il Canale, and Peacock Cafe.

SHOPPING: Welp, all that “I’m not shopping much right now” talk from January and February is on its way out…but rightly so, because I’m selling things online, donating, and discarding a lot of pieces that are worn out or aren’t being used anymore. J.Crew Factory is having a great sale right now (I think 50% off everything is about as low as they go, but correct me if you know differently). I picked up this swimsuit (bottoms here), this dress, and these pumps. Nordstrom is also having a large end of the season sale and I ordered these boots–for next year, of course–and am crossing my fingers they fit because they’re a steal for a no-frills, classic black riding boot!


Eating “Instagram food” for a week? As hilarious as it sounds.

A glimpse into what it’s like to intern for Jenna Lyons.

– Planning a visit to DC? Here’s a weekend guide to the city (Kristyn shared one that’s spring-focused, too!)….and you can feel free to reach out to me for my recs + pics! Post or series coming eventually :)

– How to say “no”…something I know I need to get better at.

How to make you clothes last longer.

– One of my all-time favorite blogger posts: Mackenzie talks about how she started her online store. As someone with a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurship, this is so inspiring (seriously, you’re going to want to go get shit done as soon as you read it) and honest.

ICYMI: A roasted veggie bowl that actually tastes good, my top 10 favorite Trader Joe’s buys (some great things to take you into the weekend!), the tool every content creator needs, and all the flats you need for spring!

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  1. I totally get that feeling!! I always miss my parents even more when they visit. Having family closer would be so nice (and they really aren’t all that far away).

    Published 3.25.16
  2. Kristyn wrote:

    Thanks for including me in your Friday roundup love!! Appreciate you sharing my guide.

    Hope you are having a great start to the week!! Xo

    Primp and Proper

    Published 3.29.16