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An Argument for Buying Clothes Off-Season

I wanted to talk about something a bit random today, and it’s an especially ironic topic since we just talked about swimsuits and hats. Buying clothes off-season…what’s your take? Do you do it?

Personally, I love off-season shopping and think it’s one of the best way to incorporate what can otherwise be budget-breaking clothes into your wardrobe. Both large retailers and boutiques almost always mark down whatever is left at the end of the season to make room for their incoming stock. I’ve seen tons of gems over the years and  capitalized on several items myself. Some are smaller than others–like a J.Crew two-piece swimsuit that would have totaled $100 but I got for around $15–some are larger, like the $700 Aquatalia boots that rarely get marked down with more than a few odd sizes left, clocking in at under $300 (I ordered them in the fall but returned, as I was still hung up on a slightly different style that naturally, was not on sale).

Buying clothes in the off-season does mean you’re generally getting an older style of something, but if you’re shopping for the classics, this usually isn’t a problem. Sizing can also be tough…the most popular sizes are generally the first to go. However, if you do find your size in something you like and know you’d buy in a few months, pick it up! Case in point: Barbour at 50% off, my favorite quilted jacket that rarely gets marked down more than a few dollars, a beautiful gray coat under $170, and a classic cableknit sweater.

Some of my current favorite finds are below…if you’re looking for a place to start, I’d recommend the Nordstrom and J.Crew sale sections (though be wary that the many of the latter will usually be final sale). It can be hard to think ahead to colder temps while we’re just now getting into the swing of warm weather, but with worth it for the $$ you may save! Or maybe you’re headed somewhere cooler for vacation sometime soon?

So….thoughts? Yay or nay for off-season shopping?



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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I always take advantage of end of season sales! It’s definitely the most budget-friendly way to get the things you’ve been eyeing all season. And unless you’re buying something super trendy, I don’t think having an older style of something makes a huge difference.

    Published 4.25.16
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    Published 4.26.16