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My Favorite T-Shirt

GREAT news: I’ve found the perfect t-shirt.

That’s a bold claim, but after owning a couple of these for over a year now, feel pretty confident about that statement. So if you’re looking to up your tee game, let’s get to it!

Georgetown, DC

Are you familiar with Everlane? I’ve mentioned the company beforespecifically the tees, too. They’ve amassed quite the fan base and for good reason. While the overall aesthetic and some of the styles can be a little too hipster for my everyday look, there’s no question that they make really good basics.

The Best T-Shirt

When it comes to t-shirts, I feel like I’ve tried them all. Seriously. My biggest issue is that they’re either too sheer, cling at my armpits or are cut weirdly in that area, are too tight, or too expensive. Oddly enough, I like to wear the Gap ones under sweaters in the winter, but don’t like wearing them on their own. I know, that seems like a lot of problems to have with cotton t-shirts. It’s just hard, okay?

So back to Everlane

The Cotton U-Neck style is my favorite because it’s looser around the arms, which is a priority for me. Like I said, HUGE pet peeve when things are tight in the shoulder/armpit area. Does that bother anyone else? This shirt is a little looser all around, and the length is also a bit shorter than the v-neck style. The v-neck is good if you’re looking for something a little more snug. I’m wearing a medium here and have this style in both a medium and small, but prefer the latter for–you guessed it– the extra space around the arm area.

Everlane Tee

All the basic tees come in a slew of colors, so it’s easy to stock up or fill in the gaps in your wardrobe accordingly. If you’re new to the company, be sure to check out their transparency model–it’s really unique and interesting, and is certainly part of why I keep coming back!

PS: Everlane is having one of their “sales” again–it’s a really cool concept where you can choose between three prices and essentially pay what you want for certain items. I picked up this silk tank, this chunky wool scarf (case in point for shopping off -season!), and this basic white tank. Just scroll through all the women’s and men’s sections to see everything that’s marked “choose your price”!

Everlane Tee


Everlane Shirt
Old Navy Jeans (similar here; other white skinny jeans below)
Vintage Bracelets (similar)
Ray-Ban Sunnies
Converse ‘Shoreline’ Sneakers


Zoya Naked Manicure (c/o)
Maybelline Color Blur in ‘Partner in Crimson’

Converse Shoreline

Outfit photos by Katie Urban

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  1. Biana wrote:

    Such a clean and classic look! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    Published 5.18.16
  2. Kate wrote:

    I’m super picky about my tee shirts too so I can totally relate. I love the James Perse ones but they’re pricey so I only buy them when they’re on major sale. I love the fit of this tee and the price is so affordable! Cute pics :)

    Taffeta & Tulips

    Published 5.18.16
    • Monica wrote:

      I’ll have to check out the James Perse ones! Sometimes it’s worth splurging on a good basic :)

      Published 5.19.16
  3. Evelina wrote:

    It looks so soft and comfy! I love v-necks too :)

    Published 5.18.16