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Zoya Lip Color

So switching gears a little today, and talking about a subject that I hope to bring more of to C&L…beauty! If you know me in person or have picked it up from this blog thus far, I’m probably the opposite of a beauty buff. My knowledge is limited, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to new products due to having highly sensitive skin, and I just don’t love wearing a ton of makeup.

Zoya Nail Color

But sometimes, you discover a new brand that makes you want to shake things up. I can’t believe something has me wanting to wear lip color every day. Between mid-high school and a few months ago, lip balm–and only lip balm–was my jam. A large part of this was due to having danced competitively growing up, where we’d be heavily made up with every kind of hair and makeup product including bright red nail polish and lipstick. This turned me off of both for yearsand only recently have I started to wear them again.

Enter: Zoya.

Zoya Lip Color

(Maxwell, Wren, Brooke, Mackenzie, Frankie)

Zoya Lip Color

They sent over a bunch of nail polishes and some lipsticks, and I was hooked. Despite how they appear in person, the darker lipstick hues actually go on much more neutral than they look pre-application. Maybe that’s normal for lip color? But it was a comfort for this girl who thought I’d be painting my lips dark purple!

Given that I haven’t been wearing lip color regularly beyond nights out, I can’t totally speak to how long this stuff stays on. I think it’s really good quality and when I don’t lick my lips/snack all morning, it does seem to last for a few hours. There are tons of ways to make your color hold, and I’m planning on reading up on them! Any and all tips welcome.

Zoya Lip Color

While the lipstick knocked it out of the park, I’m probably most impressed by the quality of Zoya’s nail polish…I painted my nails two days before leaving for Thailand and they didn’t chip for five days.  You may have seen peeks on Instagram. The reason I took the polish off when I got back was that my nails had grown, not that the color had chipped off. Crazy, right?

Zoya Nail Color

My nails were a pretty pink here and had the Naked Manicure here. The latter is probably the only clear nail polish I’ll ever wear again. Pale pinks and clear were my go-to pre-red acceptance, and this one is not only good for your nail composition (read about how it works it here), but also just lasts.

Since I’m partial to reds, pinks, and neutrals, I’m excited to try more of those this summer! Dixie pretty much knocks it out of the park. Time to up that pedicure game :)


Zoya Naked Manicure
Lipsticks (Maxwell, Wren, Brooke, Mackenzie, Frankie)
Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Color

Zoya Lip Color

Zoya did send over some products for me to try, but this is not a sponsored post–I just fell in love and wanted to share them with you! 

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  1. Victoria wrote:

    It’s been on my list to try out the Zoya nail polishes because I always see them at Ulta! And I didn’t know they made lipsticks, I thought they were exclusively a nail polish brand. I’ll have to look out for it the next time I see their display… xx – V

    Posted 5.23.16 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I think you’ll love the polishes! There are so many colors, too. Definitely try them out + the lipsticks and let me know what you think :)

      Posted 5.24.16 Reply