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Touring the District: The National Cathedral

It’s been a minute since the last Touring the District post, but I’m excited to be back with one of my favorite spots in the city–the National Cathedral–and be sharing my new favorite work dress.

Washington National Cathedral

You may remember these posts from the last year, but I couldn’t resist officially incorporating this beautiful structure into this series. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the entire thing in these photos–it’s huge–but hopefully you get the idea! Brief history lesson time…Its construction began in 1907 and was officially completed in 1990, and Congress officially named the cathedral the “National House of Prayer.” Architecture fans–the style is indeed gothic, and the structure has been undergoing repairs following the August 2011 earthquake that caused significant damage (the same earthquake that shut down the Washington Monument for years).

Washington National Cathedral

The cathedral has been home to three presidential funerals, monthly services during WWII, and a number of religious and non-religious events over the years. West Wing fans, you may also remember it from the finale of season 2. You can visit both the interior and the grounds (the latter which houses three private schools…and the grass is as green as it looks), and a tour is still high up on my DC bucket list! And if you’re in the area, stop by Cactus Cantina or Surfside for a bite to eat. You won’t regret it!

Brooks Brothers Shirtdress

I picked up this Brooks Brothers dress in NYC a couple of weeks ago and can already tell it’s going to become a spring and summer staple in my closet. In addition to being machine washable, it fits perfectly (no gaping at the top, which is amazing) and is a fun little twist on my favorite blue and white stripes. For size reference, I’m wearing a 4 and the dress is currently marked down to $59. The stock photos make the sleeves look a little funny, but the red piping can easily be rolled in and hidden if you prefer.

L.L. Bean Tote

No surprise that my trusty L.L. Bean bag is making another appearance…I’ve been alternating it with this similar tote because the bottom is starting to wear significantly, but I’m putting off buying another one. It’s been used heavily since 2012–the cost per wear is pennies by now. Highly recommend for the beach, a casual work bag, or a versatile gift for a recent grad!

National Cathedral, Washington, DC

These LOFT sandals are comfortable and are a decent value for the price, given that they’re 40% off today. Full disclosure: I found a noticeable nick in the material near the toe area within 30 minutes of having them on, and sent them in to exchange with a new pair. After this M.Gemi pair came in last week, I’m returning the new LOFT ones since at the moment, I don’t need a second one with this heel height. Remember you can take $40 off your first M.Gemi order with code dutiam413!

National Cathedral, Washington, DC


Brooks Brothers Dress (on sale!)
LOFT Shoes (on sale!)
L.L. Bean Tote
J.Crew Sunnies


Maybelline Color Blur
Zoya Naked Manicure


L.L. Bean Tote

National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Outfit photos by Katie Urban

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  1. This is where Adam proposed to me, so I always have soft spot for the Cathedral!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Published 6.15.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Ah yes! Such a dream :)

      Published 6.20.16