A Beauty Secret: The Best Razors for Women

Harry's Razors - The Best Razors for Women: Harrys Razors for Women featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend…if yours was anything like DC’s, like it or not– summer is here to stay!

A bit of a random topic here today, but one I’ve been wanting to share for awhile. It’s also kind of one of my only beauty secrets. The timing worked out well with Father’s Day next weekend, because we’re talking about a brand of men’s razors and why they’re equally good for women. Harry’s…have you heard of them?

Harry's Razors - The Best Razors for Women: Harrys Razors for Women featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

Harry's Razors - The Best Razors for Women: Harrys Razors for Women featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia


Basically, Harry’s manufactures their own, high quality products and sells them directly on their website (and through select retailers), which allows them to keep costs low and be completely transparent about their manufacturing process and product construction. Their offerings are limited, but that’s actually a good thing–it’s easy what’s available and makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

Why I love Harry’s:

The blades (and razors handles) are inexpensive. Anyone else cringe at the cost of women’s razor blade refills from the drugstore? That was the biggest draw for me when I started considering a switch…Harry’s blades can be as low as $1.75 each, and shipping is free for purchases over $10. I definitely use each blade them more times than I should, but probably average replacing a blade every six to eight weeks. They also offer a subscription if you don’t want to have to remember to reorder new blades.

The branding in on point. The first time I saw a Harry’s razor is back when J was getting Birchbox Man and a the Truman razor. The sleek design and solid navy color caught my attention immediately. He already had an electric one he liked and hadn’t used the Harry’s one, so I stole it one day when I was over and needed to shave my legs. That was that–I ordered my own the next day and have used it exclusively since!

– They’re just really good razors. Plain and simple: they’re so, so good. I use the most basic version daily–buy it solo here, or spend $5 more and get the intro set with a couple of replacement blades. The Winston set is pictured in this post (or get the handle with one blade here).

They’re easy gifts–especially for the guys. While I’m not sure I’d give a girlfriend a nice razor set as a gift (maybe a really good girlfriend who’s reluctant to spend $ on herself), Harry’s is a great gifting item for the men in your life. There’s a Father’s Day set available right now, and a limited edition Father-Son set that’s really adorable. They’d be a great option for a man on the go–the little plastic covering that snaps over the blade (pictured below) is one of my favorite features, as it makes traveling with your razor so much easier. I used to try to dry mine all the way and put it in a plastic bag to avoid having the blades come into contact with other toiletries…no more!

What do you guys think about Harry’s for women? Are you willing to try them? Let me know in a comment below!

Harry's Razors - The Best Razors for Women: Harrys Razors for Women featured by popular Washington DC style blogger, Monica Dutia

Harry’s provided this particular set to me for this post, but all opinions are my own–I’m happy to have discovered the brand over two years ago :)

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  1. Yes! I’ve been wanting to try Harry’s razors for some time – need to do it!

    Posted 6.13.16 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hope you like it! It was such a pleasant surprise when I discovered how good they were.

      Posted 6.15.16 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    This really would make a lovely gift! Thanks for sharing, Monica!

    XO, Sarah | http://www.thebellainsider.com/ | http://www.instagram.com/sarah_thebella

    Posted 6.13.16 Reply
  3. Nice razor! Like to have it.

    Posted 12.27.16 Reply
  4. Kelsey Chaney wrote:

    I’ve been using Harrys since 2013 when my husband bought a set and ordered a 2nd for me. I love it, and I don’t seem to get the little nicks I used to get. I haven’t used anything else since. I’m really surprised that they don’t market to women.

    Posted 2.6.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Right?! Luckily more and more women seem to be discovering them…my guess is they wanted to get into the niche men’s market but are happy to have us jumping on the bandwagon, too :)

      Posted 2.6.17 Reply
  5. Lydia Sugarman wrote:

    Have you tried using it for the bikini area?

    After years and enough bad experiences, I’ve stopped going for waxes and gone back to shaving. At least, I know everything is clean and the only person using anything on me is me!

    Besides, shaving’s so much cheaper and more convenient. I don’t seem to get as many ingrowns either.

    Posted 12.26.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I have! I personally have really sensitive skin and am very prone to ingrowns but this has been better for me than any other brand!

      Posted 12.29.17 Reply
  6. Tom Gleason wrote:

    Have use the razor for over two weeks and it’s the best I’ve used.
    My beard is so much softer and day two I don’t really need to shave.
    I highly recommend Harry’s!!!

    Posted 3.5.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      So glad to hear it, Tom!

      Posted 3.7.18 Reply
  7. Debby wrote:

    I’m looking for a woman’s razor, that isn’t so expensive. I now use Schick and the replacement razors are almost $16.00 for 4 of them. UGH! Please HELP me.


    Posted 4.22.18 Reply
  8. Dawn wrote:

    Love them!!! I have gotten the trial for myself, Dad, Brother and boyfriend. My Dad is still thanking me, he LOVES his. At 73 years old thats saying a lot!! What do you get the man that has everything??? Thanks so much!

    Posted 6.24.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      That’s amazing!! I’m so glad they all love them too–what a random item that we’ve all fallen in love with, right? But no complaints :)

      Posted 6.24.18 Reply
  9. Deanna Hardison wrote:

    Absolutely!!!! I have wanted to try them for awhile but never knew if they were for women too. I spend so much money on razors that it’s ridiculous. I’ve never understood why they are so expensive. So with all that said i’m going to order some for my boyfriend and myself. I’m sure i will love them. Thanks :)

    Posted 7.12.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Exactly!!! I hope you both love them!

      Posted 7.17.18 Reply
  10. Cindy Miller wrote:

    We were just talking about Harry’s that are used by men in our household and wondered if hey had them for women!

    Posted 8.11.18 Reply
  11. Thanks for posting. I’ve been enjoying Harry’s razors for a while, and my wife just mentioned yesterday that she’d like to give it a try. Glad to get a woman’s perspective.

    Posted 8.18.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      That’s great, I hope she likes them! Thanks for taking the time to drop a line, Steve!

      Posted 8.18.18 Reply
  12. Richard Roush wrote:

    I would like to gat a Harry’s razor or the equivalent for my wife. Do you make a Harry”s just for women? I get Harry”s on a regular basis, being part of your shave club. Let me know so my wife can experience the same smooth and comforting shave that I do.

    Thank you.


    Posted 10.7.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi Rick! I don’t work for Harry’s, but my post links to the men’s razors that I personally recommend for women, too. Harry’s does not make products designed specifically for women.

      Hope this helps!

      Posted 10.8.18 Reply
      • Lisa wrote:

        They do now. Flamingo. But the men’s razor works great for women too.

        Posted 10.23.18 Reply
        • Monica wrote:

          Yea! I saw that–can’t wait to try!

          Posted 10.23.18 Reply
  13. Grayce Galiyas wrote:

    I am interested in Harry’s for Women. I like my husband’s razors, but I want my own. My husband is a Harry’s subscriber.

    Posted 11.7.18 Reply
    • Janet Birmingham wrote:

      I am waiting for my order.made a mistake I meant to order only one and it shows. I ordered 3. Can you help? Janet Birmingham 727 3765471

      Posted 3.6.19 Reply
  14. Looking for Harry’s for women.
    Trial package with shave lotion

    Posted 1.25.19 Reply
    • Janet Birmingham wrote:

      I need blades for women

      Posted 2.24.19 Reply
  15. I went razor shopping this week and bought Harry’s. I looked at all the pin and purple razors for women and just thought they all looked cheap though they were very expensive. Harry’s razors looked sturdy, no nonsense and easy. We have razor refills at our house with no handles because we couldn’t remember what kind to buy. No longer! Harry’s for my husband and me from not until the day we stop shaving!

    Posted 1.31.19 Reply
  16. K.W. Flegal wrote:

    Why not! Sensitive skin is a problem many have (men & women) though a close shave doesn’t have to cause problems. Harry’s is a good razor. Men vs Women: maybe a different color. But if you get a close shave (every where) what does color matter.

    Posted 8.13.19 Reply
  17. Do you have plans for women razors. I have 2 teenagers who are shaving and would like to try the product. What I hear about Harrys men plan it is awesome. Can you help?

    Posted 9.8.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi Jody, I don’t work for Harry’s (this is a lifestyle blog and is unaffiliated with the blog), but they do have a women’s line now–it’s called Flamingo!

      Posted 9.8.19 Reply
  18. Elaine Bettis wrote:

    Are women using the mens razor or is there a different one for women.

    Posted 9.27.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      There’s a women-specific one now called Flamingo!

      Posted 9.30.19 Reply
  19. Janette Cameron wrote:

    Need cover for my Harry’s razor.

    Posted 9.29.19 Reply
  20. My wife uses Schick Intuition for sensitive skin.

    What can you recommend from a woman’s perspective for her to use from Harry’s?

    Posted 10.2.19 Reply