Summer Hostess Gift Ideas

We’ve talked about hostess gifts a decent amount over here–especially around the holidays–but I’m sure like myself, many of you are heading to a friend’s house/apartment at least once for a weekend or long weekend this summer. Sure, hostess gifts don’t really have to change depending on the season, but just like you can get extra festive around the holidays, why not get a little more into the spirit of summer right around now?

Here are some of my favorites…scroll down to widget the bottom of the post to shop them all!



Turkish Towel: They’re so cute, so practical, and don’t have to break the bank. Win-win-win, right? Turkish towels are quick to dry and can be used as towels (obviously), picnic blankets, light blankets on a chilly night (fire pit, anyone?), or even as a decorative piece in a bathroom that needs some color (I’d put it on a ladder like this, if your space allows it). Short on time? This one comes rolled!

Rosé: Everybody’s favorite summer wine! Like all wines, rosé is available at all price points and bonus: always has the cutest labels. If you’re looking to do something a little more indulgent, pair a bottle with a Turkish towel! I generally pick up my bottles at Trader Joe’s and regularly buy all the ones on this list, with the exception of the first bottle.

A yummy bag of food: This sounds weird when you call it a “yummy bag of food,” but I’m essentially talking about going to the store and putting together a combination of treats for your guest. For instance, when I stayed with my bestie in NYC last summer, I just went to TJ’s and picked up a few treats–sweet and savory–and put them in a pretty gift bag. I grabbed a bottle of rosé from the liquor store around the corner from their apartment and we enjoyed everything on their roof one evening!

Candle: Although more frequently associated with fall and winter, candles are seasonless! This one is extra summery (count on Tuckernuck to source something this cool) or go with a luxurious classic if you’re okay spending a bit more.

Fun pool float: These are everywhere this year! You’ll definitely be lauded for bringing the fun, and tons of these can be ordered via Amazon Prime if you’re cutting it close. Stumped on which one to buy? Consider everyone’s favorite swan or a less pricey donut.

Girly tumblers or wine glasses: The perfect gift if you’re going to a female friend’s place…Lilly makes great ones and they’ll quickly turn into everyone’s favorite vessel for all girls nights to come.



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