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Palm Beach

Short one today, because happy Friday from the airport/Palm Beach! J and I are headed there for a couple days for a little vacation, and I’m so excited that this weekend is finally here. You know when you book flights wayyy in advance and then the date sneaks up on you? That’s exactly what happened here. Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat, and enjoy the last weekend of August (literally though, how?)!


Some great travel photography tips from Mary–definitely worth a read, blogger or not!

A simple guide to picking produce…because we’ve all accidentally picked that overripe, unusual obscure vegetable at some point or another.

– I don’t even like tomatoes but wantttttt this jam (well, the whole dish actually). #homemadebrunchgoals

– I’m sure a lot of us feel like a post-summer detox is in order, and this Greek bowl from Jessica looks like a pretty delish way to healthily indulge.

Cutest striped look (plus neck scarf!) from Jillian!

– Looking for a new book? Mackenzie shared ones she loved, and ones she’d pass on.


5 wines I’ve bought and loved this summer, all under $12.

– Back to school time is here! Academics or not, a bunch of tote options if you’re in the market for a new one.

Recapping #TBScon (The Blog Societies’ annual conference)…it’s why I was in Charleston the other week!

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  1. Maybe we will cross paths in Palm Beach!!! Have fun! xoxox

    Posted 8.26.16 Reply