How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Having just returned from a very fun but action-packed trip to Charleston, I figured this would be a good time to share how I try to stay healthy while traveling. It’s way easier said than done, especially if you’re traveling far, plan on having some late nights and/or jam packed days, or are going somewhere where the weather is significantly different. But a little can also go a long way, and making a few adjustments can help prevent that post-trip cold when you’re back home.

Pack your vitamins. It feels weird putting this at the top of my list because I definitely didn’t pack my vitamins for Charleston this past week (and also forget to take them daily sometimes…oops), but if you regularly take supplements, be sure to take them with you! My three are generally vitamin c, fish oil, and a multivitamin.

Try and balance. It’s not always possible, but balancing your meals can make a huge difference. I’ll use last Thursday as an example:

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos and a green juice at The Daily

Lunch: 1/2 burger + 1/2 BLT + fries + a non-alcoholic drink (called the Bradford Cooler–so good!) at Husk

Snack: Cupcake from Sugar Bakeshop

Dinner: Salad + 1/2 order of clam chowder covered French fries + a small beer at The Darling, followed by one scoop of ice cream from Jeni’s

….and a cocktail [two] hours between snack and dinner.

While that’s certainly not the picture of balance for everyday life, I was in Charleston…where literally every restaurant looks incredibly appetizing and it’s next to impossible not to go overboard. The “balance” came in the form of a healthy breakfast (tacos instead of a delicious looking pastry, and a $ splurge for a green juice), skipping an alcoholic beverage at lunch (since we had an open bar that night), and getting a sort of boring salad at dinner and splitting an indulgence with Lauren (rather than getting one of the yummy looking fried sandwiches that were also on the menu). I definitely didn’t feel great by the end of the day, but it could easily have been worse!

Wash your hands. Duh–pack some hand sanitizer, too, but remember to stop by the bathroom to wash up when you go to a restaurant or coffee shop.

Stay hydrated. Everyone’s favorite obvious solution–hydration! Even though stopping more on a road trip can be annoying and no one likes airport/plane restrooms, upping your water consumption while traveling can make a world of difference. If you know you’re prone to dehydration when flying (I am), it doesn’t hurt to forego the pre-flight drink or free glass of wine if you have drink ticket.

Go halfsies. One of my favorite ways to justify unhealthy food–split portions with someone else! Doing this with clam chowder fries worked out so well–there’s no way one of us could have eaten that entire plate ourselves. Lauren and I did the same thing the following night with pimento cheese fritters and were so happy we did. It’s a great way to try more items on the menu, too.

Don’t crank up the hotel AC. I have no idea what it is, but hotel AC can kind of be the worst in giving you a head cold incredibly quickly. Anyone know why? The units are often blaring, and people seem to generally prefer a cold hotel room to a slightly warmer one. Pack a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee in case your room gets chilly but you’d rather be cooler.

Stop eating when you’re full. It took me years to figure out how to actually do this but once I did, man. It makes such a difference! Simple as that–’re.full.

I’d love to know–what are some of your tips for staying healthy while traveling?

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  1. These are great tips! I always fall off of whatever healthy train I’m on when I travel, so it’s nice to have a few ideas on how to stay semi-healthy while on vacation. Come back to Charleston soon!! xo

    Posted 8.9.16 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Right? So easy to do! I’ll be back soon :)

      Posted 8.10.16 Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    Clam chowder covered french fries?! I’m sold! Splitting meals is a great idea. We even do it when we go out to dinner at home.

    Posted 8.9.16 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Incredible right? And such a great call–the best part being you can try multiple things!

      Posted 8.10.16 Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    Great tips! It’s always so tough to not eat all the good food when you’re on vacation!

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply