Friday Things

Happy Friday! Hard to imagine it’s nearly two weeks September when it’s going to be 95 degrees here today, but cooler temps are supposed to be here in a couple of weeks so I’m trying to be patient and embrace the warmer weather for a few more days. This week was very low key and it was great…I got a lot done and even sort of took a few hours “off,” (watching TV for more than 10 minutes without my laptop in my lap) which isn’t something I normally do…it actually makes me feel weirdly lazy, which is a terrible thing I’m trying to work on. Also–anyone else think this didn’t actually feel like a short week?

Plans for the next couple of days include grilling and a fun photoshoot that I can’t wait to share with you guys! Other than that–lots of behind the scenes blogging work. Any fun things on your agenda?


Love these “lunch box” ideas–they’re totally grownup friendly and many seem pretty simple to throw together. I like the idea of throwing in some indulgent favorites and unexpected desk lunch foods (like charcuterie) and balancing them with something light and simple like apple slices!

A guide to Indian condiments…so comprehensive, and will have you having craving the cuisine, no matter what time of day you’re reading.

– Speaking of food: these Thai chicken spring rolls from Libby look incredible! If anything, the chicken alone would make a great addition to salads, rice, or a sandwich.

Hilarious piece on The Bachelorette from New York Mag. Read whether or not you’re a fan of the series!

– Love it when two of my favorite bloggers get together to chat! Nan interviewed Annie about her morning routine…taking notes on her simple makeup routine!

– Dallas has changed so, so much since I last lived there over seven years ago (eeek). Bookmarking Merritt’s city guide to share with friends + family and will be utilizing it whenever I’m home!


A guide to visiting Palm Beach – one of my favorite places I’ve visited!

A green smoothie you need to try if you’re afraid of the green part.

– Probably the last summer outfit of the season…but it’s a goodie!

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