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Travel Guide: Charlottesville

As you’ve likely heard by now, I spent this past weekend down in Charlottesville with some friends. It was my first time in this favorite VA city and it definitely lived up to the hype! We got in Friday night and spent most of Saturday vineyard hopping. They’re onto something when they say that some country air does the soul good!

King Family Vineyard, Charlottesville

I’m calling this a “mini guide” to Charlottesville because there’s so much more to the city than just wine tasting, which happened to be our focus this time around. Visiting Monticello and UVA’s campus are definitely on my to-do list, as is dining at some of the area’s restaurants!

Wine tasting



Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards: Hands down the group’s favorite vineyard! The views alone are something to write home about, and the wine I had (a crisp white that I stupidly didn’t jot down the name of) was delicious. The tasting area and indoor space are beautiful…we spent most of our time outside because it was so crowded indoors thanks to the blustery day, but it worked out really well. We also briefly met up with Katie and her sister (check out her post with more deets on Pippin!). Many who are familiar with the area will tell you that if you’re going to one winery, make it this one.

King Family Vineyards: Great views, a large indoor space, and some really delicious brut! Our group split up with some doing tastings inside and some of us sitting on the grass outdoors. It was pretty crowded (all the tables were full) but the ground was dry so it wasn’t a problem at all. I sort of wish we’d done a tasting given how much I enjoyed our bottle–next time!

Bleheim Vineyards: This vineyard is owned by Dave from Dave Matthews Band…honestly, we didn’t love it. There was a nice outdoor area with picnic tables where we ate our sandwiches but the tasting room was really cramped and not particularly pleasant given the crowds of people who were winery hopping that day. The experience may have been better if we’d snagged a table, but given how good King and Pippin were, probably won’t be running back.


Crozet Pizza: A cute little family owned restaurant. We stopped here and picked up pizza for dinner on Friday night. J and I split a large “Special” with pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, onion, and sausage. It was delicious and the perfect way to get back into eating regular food after last week’s ailment :)

Food of All Nations: The cutest little grocery store ever! We picked up sandwiches + some snacks here before heading out to the vineyards and it worked out so well. It’s basically an exceptionally well-curated little grocery with regional and international foods. Their made to order sandwiches alone have me wanting to go back (I had the “Ivy Three Way” with smoked turkey, bacon, homemade Boursin cheese, and lettuce on ciabatta. YUM!).

Bodo’s Bagels: Guys, believe the hype! This place is incredible and there’s a reason New Yorkers take theirs to go and freeze them. Definitely prioritize a stop–there are three locations–and don’t be turned off by the line…it moves fast. I had chicken salad on a plain bagel that day and took an assorted dozen to go. Let’s just say the bagel bar has been moved a few notches higher!

Not mentioned: grilling, watching sports, lots of sleep, and drinks by the fire pit. Have you been to C-Ville?

PS: Yesterday’s post from Pippin + what I wore wine tasting.

King Family Vineyard

King Family Vineyards

Pippin Hill Vineyard

The views from Pippin Hill

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  1. Ashlee wrote:

    Love this! Taking notes because Michael and I are visiting Pippin Hill and King in November! Definitely adding Bodo’s to my list! Thanks for the recap!

    – Ashlee

    Published 10.25.16
    • Monica wrote:

      You guys are going to love it!! And yes–bring home a dozen :)

      Published 10.29.16
  2. Ah! Everyone’s talking about Virginia, and I’m dyyyying to go. Looks like so much fun!! <3

    Published 10.26.16
    • Monica wrote:

      Come visit and we’ll go! Or we can meet there as (maybe) a middle ground?

      Published 10.29.16