Duffield Lane sweater

First things first: we’re somehow halfway through February and DC still hasn’t had a snowstorm, which is really disappointing. Here’s hoping the next two weeks and March throw some fun our way! The plus side is it’s still been cold enough to wear the cozy knits and cute winter coats without needing a puffer every day.

L.L. Bean Tote

Rant over :) Onto the outfit…I generally gravitate towards neutrals but occasionally there’s something really colorful that catches my eye and I “have to have it”…which is what happened with this sweater. Duffield Lane makes some of my favorite classic preppy pieces (Note: Remember this dress? Wore it all summer long) and this sweater is pretty much the perfect transitional piece. It’s 100% cotton (always a plus in my book), isn’t super low cut, and is more structured enough not to look oversized or sloppy but loose enough for a cozy Sunday. We shot these photos yesterday morning before I went to meet a friend at coffee shop for a work date and basically felt like I was wearing very socially acceptable loungewear. I’ll be wearing it with white jeans and shorts as we get out of winter!

Casual weekend outfit

Superga sneakers

Duffield Lane sweater

Also I may as well acknowledge that this post is conveniently accidentally Valentine’s Day themed! Do you like celebrating the holiday? I love that some people take the opportunity to celebrate all the loved ones in their lives and make a fun girls celebration out of it, and of course it’s sweet when significant others treat each other, too. I’m not super big on the holiday–J and I are going to dinner at a super casual sushi place where we often get takeout–and I made him buy me $7 flowers from Trader Joe’s on Saturday instead of ordering an overpriced bouquet. We’re also doing $40 gifts…you can read this post if you’re curious why I set expectations straight from the get-go :)


Duffield Lane sweater (c/o)
FRAME jeans (different wash but same style)
L.L. Bean tote
Superga sneakers
Warby Parker sunnies
IT Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Treatment (c/o)

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