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Guys, can we talk about the weather for a minute? Boring small talk, I know, but it’s ridiculous. It was over 70 degrees earlier this week, didn’t get out of the 30s yesterday, is currently 24 degrees, today, and is supposed to be 65 tomorrow. All I want is some good ‘ol snow and for the temperature to stop going so up and down…anyone else have to fend off migraines and general sickness when it’s like this?! Also, my building hasn’t had water for 12+ hour and two apps I use regularly–one of which is how I aggregate content for these Friday posts–went down over the past 48 hours so links are a little light this week :) Sounds like everyone is ready for the weekend!

On a more positive note, this week was great–I made zero after work plans! I’ll get into this more soon, but I’m taking a grad school class and have picked up some more side work and am studying for the GRE, so any and all downtime is helpful. The only plans I have this weekend revolve around food, which I’m not mad about either. How were your weeks? Any fun weekend plans? Make it a good one!

SHOPPING: Have you heard? Sweet & Spark is letting you “spark” your friends–i.e. send them a piece of jewelry for free! All you have to do is pay shipping (which was $5 when I did it), and this would make a really sweet Valentine’s Day gift or “just because” pick-me-up. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jillian and her business (#holythrowback), and I think this is a pretty incredible way to help spread the word about the goodness of vintage jewels :)


– I’ve been seeing the concept of “hygee” thrown around and finally got clarity on what it means! We can all probably benefit from taking some cues from the practice…the comfort and atmosphere seem like an easy place to start.

– Amy pretty much embodies all things classy and aesthetically pleasing, and I can’t wait to see how her new apartment turns out! The navy + white has my wheels turning for when I move in a few months and not going to lie: very, very jealous of all that molding.

– New Years Eve in Bali? Yes, please! Actually any day in Bali sounds lovely. Per usual, Rosie’s recap has me wanting to grab my passport and take the next flight out! Also the food looks incredible, which isn’t something I’d think would stand out so much (given the natural beauty, etc.)

– Jackie shared a peek into making this buttermilk loaf cake on her Instagram stories last weekend and I immediately started craving it–definitely something to add to the “cook immediately list”! It would also make a beautiful and inexpensive hostess gift.


– Can’t stop thinking about Lucerne! What we did and why I love this little Swiss city.

– This is the time of year where clothing ruts are real…it’s too cold to wear most of the new arrivals that all the retailers are pushing, so it’s time to get creative! How I double one of my favorite weekend outfits for the office.

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  1. caroline wrote:

    If you need to borrow my GRE study gear let me know! I have the book and flashcards. I’ll be at my parents’ this weekend and would be happy to bring them back to the city!
    x0x0 Caroline

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Thank you so much for offering! I actually do have them but otherwise would have taken you up on that :)

      Posted 2.10.17 Reply