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Happy March, friends! Hope you all had a nice week. Ashlee and I grabbed a yummy dinner at Bareburger last night (highly recommend) and I’m ready for a very low key weekend…other than a fun bowling alley opening tonight, my other plans are pretty much nothing. I can’t tell you the last time this happened and it’s going to be so great–you can find me focusing on some behind the scenes stuff over here, some long overdue long form content, and a date with my GRE book, reading for fun…you get the drift.

How were your weeks? Any fun plans this weekend? Seems like we’re approaching the time of year when everyone’s heading off on spring getaways and I want to live vicariously through you if you are!

SHOPPING: If you read even a few blogs, you’ve likely heard about Shopbop’s tiered sale that’s currently happening. It’s a buy-more-save-more kind of deal, so basically a great time to stock up on basics or splurge on a designer piece you’ve been eyeing. Note that the sale ends tomorrow night! Same deal happening over at East Dane for the guys. Some picks below:


– I love grapefruit chia mint refresher chia seeds, but have never thought of making my own chia drink! Definitely having this on hand as temps warm up.

– Speaking of drinks, Lauren’s Blood Orange Aperol Mint Spritzer sounds like the best thing ever. Aperol is a personal fav, as are blood oranges (find them at TJs this time of year!)

How amazing does Jess look in this bathing suit? I don’t think I could pull it off (#needsupport) but ugh, I wish I could!

– Bookmark this: the lingerie soap that works on everything. Seems like we could all benefit from this :)

– This is for those of us who had our moments with Hollister–what’s so alluring about California style? A longer read to bookmark for your lunch break.

– Bloggers, add this to your mile-long to-do list: Cathy’s tips on how to grow your Pinterest following. I already use Tailwind (my referral link will get both of us $15 off!) but haven’t been very strategic about it. That’s about to change!

– Arguably saving the best for last: The Top 50 Fast Food Items in America. Something most of you may not know about me is that I really love fast food so this was a fun read. I feel like I’ve tried an embarrassingly high number of these–anyone else? The top 10 are pretty spot on though I may swap out Shake Shack’s burger for a McFlurry :)


12 spring finds to grab now (nearly all are under $100!)

Recapping last Sunday’s brunch + what I wore.

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  1. I love fast food too! I don’t eat it very much, but man, it is tasty. The one thing missing from that list? Burger King chicken fries! They are my favorite! Hope you have a lovely low key weekend!

    Posted 3.3.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Oooh I haven’t had them!! I have an aversion to Burger King–literally the one fast food place I can confidently say I don’t enjoy, haha. Sorrrrry. The last time I had it was actually by the train station in Schenectady so that probably had something to do with it…

      Posted 3.5.17 Reply
  2. Victoria wrote:

    I definitely had my California moments back in the day with Abercrombie..what a throwback! Whenever I used to vacation in the US (before I lived here) it’d always be a mandatory stop haha.

    xx, Victoria |

    Posted 3.3.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha it was a worldwide phenomenon! Loved seeing you on Friday and throwing it back to our old days with Fridays at the mall!

      Posted 3.5.17 Reply