Round Two of The Best Razor

The best razors for women

About a year ago, I shared this post and it quickly became one of the most popular ever on this blog. Apparently I’m not the only one who struggled to find a good razor! Background: J got a Harry’s razor like three years ago, hadn’t used it, and I borrowed it in a pinch only to end up ordering one myself the following week. It’s all I’ve used since, and can’t recommend it enough!

Harry's Razors

These razors always end up being in my gift guides, so I figured Father’s Day being around the corner would be a good time to share the Winston Set and travel kit they sent along. To make things even better, they do monogrammable razor stands–seriously cool. If a razor is going to take up space on the bathroom counter, I’m of the belief that it should actually look good, too. This is also yet another reason why I’m convinced that Harry’s is the best razor for women…they care about aesthetics and have discovered a way to create a product that’s equally appealing for men as it is for the girls. That’s tough to do in a market that’s typically so split and from a businesses + branding standpoint, I’ve always been impressed by that.

PS: This is the version I’ve been using consistently–it comes in a few colors including orange and green. More on why I think they’re the best in this post!

Harry's Razors

And onto my new favorite accessory because I’m a little unreasonably excited about it: I was pleasantly surprised to see that Harry’s travel kit isn’t overly masculine! I actually took it to NYC the other week and have replaced my old makeup case (remember how good those free gift cases used to be at department stores??) with this, which easily fit my toothbrush, toothpaste, mini bottle of mouthwash, floss, moisturizer, eye cream, and then some. It’s made in Italy of this water-resistant fabric and is only $25 (and ships free!). I was going to let J use it, but am now keeping it for myself. If you aren’t looking to gift a razor for Father’s Day but still want to get something practical that dad won’t scold you for buying him–can’t dad’s be so tricky to shop for?!–I’d recommend one of these since they can also double as general packing storage for small electronics, chargers, etc. if he’s short-term married to sticking with his current travel kit.

Let me know if you have any questions about these! Promise you’ll be converted :)

Harry's Razors

Harry’s gifted me the items in this post, but all opinions are my own–I truly can’t get enough of their products and buy them myself! // Photos by me.

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